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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls is free iOS app published by TALKATONE, INC.



Why does your app keep showing server error ???


Boise Bobby


No please don’t get this

please be careful!!

I got this app just to call my friend and when I came back to my phone and random people had called me and texted me I was really scared so please don’t get this app if your getting it this is just a warning so please be safe!

8 outgoing texts exceeds domestic txt limit ?!!


I’ve used this app for years with zero issues. All of a sudden I get alerts that I’ve exceeded daily limit in domestic outgoing texts!! It’s bad enough that it advertises itself as offering UNLIMITED DOMESTIC TEXTS app, but to get an exceed daily domestic outgoing text limit after just 8 texts is and then deactivates outgoing texts for 24 hours?!! Absolutely absurd!!! And I would gladly pay a subscription free as a workaround, but paying a subscription does nothing to fox this issue!!! I have the latest iOS and apps updates. Will be looking for another app to use. This one makes no sense. Who sends fewer than 8 domestic texts in a 24 hour period these days?!!!

Not that bad


The app is good but I would like the developers to work on fair use limits,you can’t even text a person for 15mins

There needs to be a feature to clear chat history


Is there a way to clear chat history because I’ve been getting scam texts I want to delete the chat

Keiunta Thrower


Talkatone is a great app, it allows me to make calls and use text messaging unlimited without any problems I love this app and I have no complaints whatsoever thank you Talkatone!

Wanna receive call and free on here


I can’t receive and call on my Talkatone

Phone Tapped


I feel there is a 3rd party listening to my phone conversations, Can one of your technicians verify this and remove them? Please let me know. Thank you

It’s good but basic


Doesn’t have any fancy features like allowing you to be on hold, it likes to drop then. If you have really important irs type calls with long hold times don’t use this app because you will get frustrated with the frequent drops. Good if your too cheap to have your own service plan, lots of people around you have hotspot and if you live abroad and just need to make occasional U.S calls.