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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls is free iOS app published by TALKATONE, INC.

It's okay


This app is buggy, it's designed to look like apple messages or whatever, but it is weird. The calls are very delayed, it doesn't even give you the option to leave a message. There are very many ads as well, making it that more difficult to text faster. I would recommend TextNow, as it has free international calls/texts, less buggy, and no credits system. I find credits really annoying. And it lets you text any number and it works with like 90% of countries. Although this Talkatone lets you see voicemails and missed calls better than text now does.

My Default Phone


I have been using Talkatone for many years and it has drastically improved since I started using it. I now use it as my default phone and messenger for close friends.

Just ok App


Have used Talkatone for more than a year. It has improved, but still has a ways to go. Like many of the other comments, the call quality is terrible even on fast wifi. Text delivery isn't 100% reliable. My biggest beef if that you can't register your number to bank or other services with the 5 digit numbers. I want to be able to text my bank for instant balance or history. Email to text would be nice too!

Please| Send Videos!!!|

ASAP Andrew

Good app, but please in the next update.... please make it so that we can send videos


Eli Royce

It is good but sometimes it's sound like it's broke up the call.