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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls is free iOS app published by TALKATONE, INC.

Censorship = “Message Fail”


Reads and censors messages and won’t send them!!!!!!

Better than text now


It's better than other phone apps because you can actually get your codes that are sent from other apps that you may need to possibly open up your email address because you forgot your password. This app allows you to receive those private one-time codes this way you do not have to annoy anyone with having them read off those numbers for you.

Not happy


At first I thought it was the best after TextNow crashed and I was introduced to this by a friend. My signing up was war and eventually it did, it won’t allow me login during the day and at night it would. I got tired and through it needed to be updated but the app is up to date. Sometimes it says technical issue please contact support. Crap right ?. It also won’t let me send some words like “God” in the context of the text, “sex”, “stupid” and others unless you modify the phrase to a more suitable one. I mean who does omit God, I guess this developer is a mini god for omitting God in text context

Messages dont go through


Seems like messages dont go through. I think it’s related to filers with inappropriate words or something. If that’s the case then why robots scan my private conversations? I can say whatever I want to my friends. Talkatone doesn't allow me to send a message "sex of my child". Ridiculous. Stop controlling me!

Excessive attempts


It tells me there had been excessive attempts to register and it’s my first time downloading the app. I would not recommend.

I’m unable to access it and text. It’s saying server error your account is not authorized


I’m unable to text or access it. It’s saying server error, your account is not authorized , login again.

I’m very upset with this app Talkatone

Sarah J@

I have been trying to text this morning it keeps telling me server Error, your account is not authorized please login again I have tried all I can they ask me to add a password and I did still same thing I guess it’s time to delete it off and I do have an important people on that number please I don’t want to regret knowing this app thank you

It worked great until


Loved the app it was helping me by saving money on cell service, till suddenly it told me my account wasn’t authorized and signed me out. I then try to sign back in and it keeps saying that it won’t connect, on cell and wifi service. Please fix this



My Talkatone log out itself I need you to check it for me

This app was good but…


This app was working for me for a while now but today all of a sudden I get logged out of my account and it keeps saying it’s my wifi connection even though I have a good wifi connection so I don’t get why it’s not letting me sign in now. It’s just frustrating