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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls is free iOS app published by TALKATONE, INC.


Lollipop 14

This is a joke.. I want to delete my account but they will not ask4/5 times



Great Free calling app??

Cell phone service


Excellent service for wifi And great for tx Msgs!

Lousy app

Should nickname it POS

I've used this app before and it was pretty reliable but not Israel a piece of crap! Constantly fails. Either it shuts down, pops open the App Store, or won't send texts. Also very slow with dialing a phone number. Google app is a better app and I Hate Google anything!

Thank you


This is a five star app. It works, it works, it works, just like it says!!!

Pretty Awesome


As long as my wifi connection is good so are my calls ?

Terrible app


It has an option to send photos but it doesn't work so I've wasted a few hours trying to send a single photo

Its Great!?


Eazy to use you get free points every week and they dont run out fast


Deez trumpets

Like Donald trump horable

Amazing ! ??


This is a Great way to sell or buy and keep your personal info safe, great way to prank you friends too lol