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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls is free iOS app published by TALKATONE, INC.

Talkatone is awesome


I love it it’s on point



I am not able to text anymore

Good app


It so nice using this app

Limited text


I really like this app a lot, it serves me wonderfully and I’m grateful. It doesn’t allow unlimited texting and that’s the only problem I’m having with it, there’s a limit to domestic texting and there’s no fun in that.

Too many restrictions


Unable to text whatever you want. You’re limited to a certain amount of text per day. The app needs to go back to how it used to be.

sign up problem


I have been trying to sign up for a while now It’s ain’t working It keep showing Too much people trying to sign up

Not bad… but some improvement must be done immediately.

ipvanish God

It’s a good app but I always exceed text limit so I have to wait for 24 hours before I can text back and that’s very bad. Please improve your app. I have purchased the app but still don’t have unlimited texting. Please fix it and you are going to have the best app.

Fails more than it works East Coast USA

me thank you read

Either message fails 60% of the time or when does work it remains in cloud form buffering roughly 50% of the time.




"Excessive Registration Attempts"

The Authentic Reviewer

This 3rd-Party app known as: "Talkatone" illegally keeps tracks and tabs on your Apple ID. Which is against TOS (Apple’s Terms of Service). They also claim that I’ve excessively registered, when I’ve NEVER even registered on this device. 1 out of 5 Stars… trash.