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Messenger is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

New avatar look


What the heck happened to the avatars?? They’re incredibly generic and horrible looking now! Change them back the way they were. This new version is disgusting!?

Messenger won’t let me log in


I have the most recent update, have restarted my phone, uninstalled then reinstalled messenger app, no dice. Tried resetting password, said “error, try again later”.

Not Trustworthy


Mark Zuckerberg along with Meta shouldn’t be trusted

To easy to be hacked

Bake n Cook Lady

I canceled because of hacking. I did like it but unfortunately it happens too frequently.

Please help

malik ross

Can receive messages but still can’t send and my connection is great

Marketplace messages never show up


The only reason I ever need this app is for marketplace. The marketplace messages never show up. Ever.

Worked well until a few weeks ago…


UPDATE: Found out through digging online that an app called “Lockdown” was blocking me from being able to log in. Turned it off for a moment and it let me log in. Leaving this here in case someone is having the same issue. This app worked well for the several years that I’ve had it and used it. A few weeks ago I got a flood of notifications for one message my friend sent, so I deleted and reinstalled the app to try again. Now it won’t even let me log in and has an error message that pops up. I saw several other people had this issue, so I thought it would be fixed fairly quickly. I used the web version to access messenger… well now they’re phasing that out and it’s no longer possible to look at messenger without the app… that I can’t log into.

Good, except for accidental group video calls, and keeps asking to link a cell phone

Shanshan S

Good, but accidental group video calls is too easily placed. Also when you switch accounts it keeps asking you if you want to link a cell phone… very annoying!!!

iphone 13 pro

ghost killer rb

i have a message that showed up from market place after the last update that i cannot delete. please help


Since 2003

it says i have 1 unread messages and can’t find it i wish i can send you a picture here to see what i mean