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Messenger is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.



I got an idea for messenger like for example I have a bf and I want to keep him at the top at my messages cuh I have a lot of family and stuff and some friend like y’all should update messenger and pin him and he can stay at the top of my messages!?

Palestinian lives matter


Palestinian lives matter



Pretty good.

Video Calking UI issues continue


This app works perfect on a smartphone. But when I use it on my iPad and do video calls almost daily I cannot rely on it. I need to stay in full screen mode on video calls. If I exit and try to look for other messages or just look at the messages with the person I am doing a video call with the screen orientation stays and won’t change. I cannot go back to full screen mode to share my screen or watch a video I want to share with. Please fix this and I’ll update my review

Can't log in


It says Error : unable to complete request.try again later. It's been saying this for more than a month

Video call


I have no problems with the app except when I’m on video call with someone and I go text someone else back it won’t let me go back to where I can see them on video call, other than that I love the app it helps me stay connected with family and friends


Real Jas Park

the emoji was on my messenger underneath the theme and the emoji isn’t there deleted the messenger app reinstalled it again in few minutes the emoji isn’t there again please fix it again



My messages I send somehow disappear when I press send. Where do they go? And it happens to other people I text as well. Not to mention the nicknames we have for each other on the app just completely went away and use our real names on notifications. Fix the app.



Тот кто писал игру - ГНИДЫ

Remove please.


Please remove this emoji “?” with the sound song I dislike it.