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Messenger is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Many frustrating problems


The notifications are not functioning properly and my messages are being "sent", but not "delivered". Please fix these issues.



The app never wants to load or the notifications will disappear after they pop up. It just did an update last week and it has been acting up and being a p.o.s ever since

Won't install...Help!


Every since I updated my phone, it won't install. I can't get to my messages piling up. I've tried everything and it won't work! Help!

Help me


I have iPhone 5s and I want use Facebook messenger but I can't download it!



Honestly I am extremely dissatisfied with this app. The latest update has caused my phone to not get notified when I receive messages. When my phone is locked, the screen lights up and then the message does too. After about a second the message is instantly deleted. I no longer get notified when I get messages and this is very upsetting