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Messenger is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.


Mouhamad Soudin

أفشل تطبيق بالعالم ... اشتهيت حكّي شي بنت ما بعرفا وترد عليي ?

Delete me!!!!


Delete me!!!



Me restringieron la cuenta porque dicen que envíe fotos indebidas y lo único que hice fue mandar fotos de flores y la caja fúnebre de mi papá que acaba de morir?

Problemas para cerrar


Problemas para cerrar

So disappointed


I have an odd glitch concerning my webpage so I called to see if someone would help fix the issue. I have called twice about this, having to wait over an hour to take with someone each time, and get disconnected. The people I spoke with each time had my call back info but I never got a call back. I had their email but they blocked the ability to email them. The issue is still going on and I’m paying for services I am not getting. I think it’s amazingly rude to disconnect folks and disregard their need for help. It is Sooo disappointing!

DING- for notification


UPDATE: it's great that we have different sounds for notification, but they all are weird noises that STILL SCARE THE DOGS!! Could we please have a low pitched sound?!? Dogs naturally hate high pitched sounds. I have to give my dog calming pills and then hold him tight until he stops shaking. It's ridiculous that we find have access to our sound library. Messenger overall is a decent app.It’s easy to use and keep in touch with people. But with that comes several problems. The biggest problem for me may sound minuscule to you, but WHY CAN’T we CHANGE the NOTIFICATION sound from the DING?!?!?!?

Over it

Guerita Loka en missississi

I’m over this app saying I have messages and when I go to it there’s nothing there not even in my spam messages y’all need to update this app

It’s breaking


I have to keep deleting it and reinstalling it

Short voice notes

jeniifer whyte

There must have been an update that I’m not getting because for a month now my friends can send me 5 mins voice messages and mine still get cuz off after 1 min. Please fix this for all phones.


امير البطاط