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Messenger is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Privacy issues with meta


I don’t like using this app for hardly anything, signal is 100% more secure and user friendly from my experience.

Avatars - insulted and embarrassed


Why would you change the Avatars, I liked the first ones you introduced. I understand you needed to improve on certain things. But changing the complete look??? You gave everyone a flat face and a large forehead… really I don’t even look Hispanic anymore. No matter how much I tried to adjust the looks it’s just not Hispanic I can’t use this avatar. I want you to change it back. Or I will delete it from my account. Insulted and embarrassed.

Missing feature


When my app did the newest update I no longer have the option to add gifs in messages

Doesn’t show messages from markerplace!!


This app is so useless. I use it only to post things on facebook marketplace and every time I get a messages I get a notification.. but when I go to the app the messages are never there. What’s the point of having a separate app for messages if it’s not gonna show them?

Profile pic

roblox the fun blox

I dont really like that if i don't have facebook I cant change my profile picture

I agree. / very frustrating

cut shorty

When a videon is cut short rvrn when it is. Not long me



Nothing loads. Can’t send or receive pictures. Deleted app and reinstalled and can’t log back in. Trash app

Avatar regression…


The latest update or whenever it was changed the avatars, and now they look terrible. They were so great before. Though now they look like early 2000s episodes of veggie tales. ?‍♀️

Not reliable


I find it horrible that so many of my friends have been hacked through this app! I feel it’s not very secure in combination with FB.. Disappointing.

Not show active status though I turn it on


I turn on the active status but I dont see anyone is active (green) except myself. I report the issues several times anh no one fix or reply back to me.