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Messenger is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Servicio malooooo

inconforme desepcionada

No vale alberca puro miercoles pones todo lo que te pide y te saca cuando le da la gana. Pones tu #teléfono y nunca te mandan el texto?????????????????????????

Chat heads

Robert Peesnell

Messenger for iphone needs chat heads like android does it annoying it does not have it

Glitches on video chat


Bad glitching.


I'm not agree

How’s decided changue the avatares in the messenger app? They are very ugly come on!



It’s always telling me I have more unread messages than I do.. I’d also love a feature where I could pin important conversations and group chats to the top.

-Fix the problem

Loshea 1995

My messenger is messing up

Messenger Error


I had a security breach and when I went to change passwords and signed out of everything, I tried signing into messenger but it keeps saying error try again later. I’ve tried updating, reinstalling, and looking for it on the help center but nothing works! Please fix your app!! Update: if you have Lockdown or any third part tracking firewall, turn it off first then try again! Worked for me

Should’ve listened to the reviews

Gacha lover :D

Okay so, I had read the reviews and they were talking about in-app stuff, but I didn’t really care cause I’m used to glitched, old device ya know? But then when I try to log in, I go through so much trouble, I’ve been struggling for about 2 days to log in, maybe 3, and the when I can finally get the chance to log in, there’s some “unknown error,” please make it more simple or easier to log in, not everyone has Facebook

Crashes and bugs


Literally crashed and will not let me login I deleted the app and reinstalled it and having the same problem

Grand speech


Really great get to message Family.!