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Messenger is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

It won’t let me download it


It won’t let me download it



I’ve been trying to reach someone to help me. I’m not able to log in with Facebook or messenger on my phone but I can on my iPad. Please who can help me

Messeger has problem


i cant send messages on messengee

Account suspended


My account got suspended because I tagged my Facebook friends with inappropriate videos which I didn’t do. Fix your virus or something. I tried to log in again, but failed.

Make Messenger great again


I use messenger for everything. Lately it has started to annoy me. Today when I open the app on a device I was not using, it is not synced and starts by going through the timeline of unread messages until it reaches today. Also, I’ve had bugs with hroup photos not showing up. I really need a feature that doesn’t send messages to all my devices, only the one I was using last. Would be better if you knew which device I was using but you don’t have that access I think. Also, the MacOS app is brutal. I can’t write in my native language without seeing red lines under my text. I can’t change this. It is odd to include this behavior since it is not in the iPad or iOS version. I don’t get why file sizes in macOS version are lower than online and it is annoying that cmd v on a file just drops the file name into the chat. I also don’t get why I can’t hide this new sidebar for message requests etc which was not there before. I should also be able to hide the create room and top row of people I should send messages to. It is just annoying. I want to focus on my content, not suggestions which barely ever are correct. I suggest everyone turn off showing you’re online as that removed the functionality of the top row and it constantly has the same people in the top row. Additionally, I’d like you to bring back link previews. It is unbearable to share links these days when it is just some link without any info. You just have to put a limit on how much you download. Also, you changed the behavior of opening images on macOS. I can’t zoom (not sure I ever could) and it pops out in another window which is just awful. Nobody does that.


Just Me & my Man

People getting hacked & puts the one receiving msgs in jeopardy. Won’t be using it anymore!!!

LOVE how much it’s improved but…


Love how much messenger has improved over the last year BUT I wish you guys would add more chat themes or make it to where people can create and add their own theme! (For free obviously ??)

No longer works on iPhone 13


I just bought an iPhone 13 and no matter what I do and what steps I take, I still get a can’t sign in error message. Facebook help is useless, and no one ever responds to support requests. And sadly Apple just blames Facebook. And Facebook blames Apple.

Messages and marketplace aren’t showing


None of my messages are showing and neither are my marketplace messages. I go on to post stuff and there’s absolutely nothing there! It’s very frustrating when trying to sell items this has been going on for OVER A MONTH!

it’s not letting my log into my account

jacob fullen

it’s not letting my log into my account