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Messenger is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

The app stopped working


The app stopped working

I have been using it for 5 years and it works great


Although it has its downsides, for the past 5 years this has been my way of contacting my friends and my girlfriends over the years. I haven’t experienced many crashes and honestly it works great. Though no app is perfect improvement can be made. I don’t know the improvements that need to be but overall this app is great.

too much bug

Useful app ????

when someone send me a message in the message show in the screen but didn’t have any sound and its a new issue

Will not show chats.


Uninstall app. Reinstall. All chats then show up and it functions as it should. BUT…if you fully close the app, then reopen it, all the chats disappear. The only way to get the chats back is to uninstall and start over. No solution found on google



It's always trying to open up on it's own when not even being touch! It's annoying when you are using facebook or doing other things, & keeps popping opened! ? Grrr! Please fix, or i'll stop using it!

Can’t call anyone


Hello, I am a messenger user since 2015, and this never happened to me. Every time I try to call someone, the calls won’t go through or just cut like someone was cutting it. But I receive audio and FaceTime calls from them, it’s just I can’t call them. Not just one person I can’t call anyone on my messenger I tried deleting and reinstalling it but it still didn’t work. So this is the only thing I can do is to ask…

I am having issues with getting my messages


It takes too long and not sending

Can’t login


Logged me out and I had to change my password for no reason just for it to keep saying “an unexpected error occurred please try again later”. My page hasn’t been compromised cause I can still log in through the web browser but messenger & Facebook apps won’t let me login.

Still not working


My messenger still won’t let me send messeges keeps saying temporarily blocked from performing this action please help

Game Freezes at Higher Levels


I loved this game when I first got it but once I got padt about level 600 the game started freezing on ads. I have to completely reboot my phone and lose all my work just to add a new tube when it freezes. It was only once in awhile and now that I am in the 800 levels, I freeze every 4th or 5th ad that plays. And NO I will not be buying ad blocker. Please fix your app.