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Messenger is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Download issue


After I deleted the app once I'm now unable to download it again

Notification Issue


I HAVE to have this second app to even see my Facebook messages, but I'm not get notifications anymore.. Do I need to download another app for that too?



Notifications don't work. Wrote a long detailed description before but they made me start over because the nickname I chose was taken.

Best app ever


Great job guys

Shouldn't be separate


This being a separate app is stupid. It should be a part of the normal Facebook app. I hate that it tries to access my contacts and makes getting around that difficult.



I will have the message appear on my lock screen but disappears before I see it or doesn't notify me at all. Fix fast please.



This is a nice app with good call quality, but I'm never notified when I get a call until after the call is made and I'm notified that I missed it, and I get the "Facebook pop" notification and my screen lights up, but no visible notifications are made, please fix this

Chat Heads


This needs chat heads.Chat heads make it easier for me to text someone while milti-tasking.I will give 5 stars if chat heads are added.

Facebook messenger


well I accidentally deleted messenger one day. then now it will never let me download it anymore,that was about a month or two ago and still cannot download it I honestly think this is a crap!!!



Please make a mute for the group calls, they can be easily spammed and annoy you. Messaging can be muted for good so why not calling? Please fix.