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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

A weird bug


So I used to use GarageBand a lot to make cool beats but now every time I got to one of my old songs it says “Core Audio Not Available” and when I got to make a new song I can’t do anything. I hope you guys can fix this so I can continue to use a great app

Great but one problem


I'm using this app for about 4 years now and I've made great music with it. It's incredible. But lately I've encountered a problem. I started downloading Vision and Verse but I left the app in the middle of download. When I returned it was almost downloaded so I waited. When it finished downloading I went to try some of the keyboards when i found out the sounds don't fully come. Like when you play a note the sound comes out and suddenly stops. I tried all of the keyboards and all of them were like this. At first i thought that its normal and has no problem but now I don't know.I want to use Vision and verse badly but I can't. Im not sure if Its a problem or not but I hope you answer me soon so I find out. Thanks



It’s good but this bug keeps happening where I click an instrument and the app crashes

Works now


Edit: I guess it just took a while for my iPhone 8 to get started on the download

It’s good but one problem

Jake Vescio

I have been using this app for a while, but recently I tried to use it and the app kept crashing. I tried restarting my iPad and it still didn’t work.

Can there be sounds from mac version


I don’t have a mac but i want some sounds from there. these include: Staccato Oboe Blocks and Bells Performance + Bongos Stick Performance Dubstep Loops Hoover Bass Flying Clav Gritty Funk (i want effects to be enabled with kits too) Fizzy Synth Bass Dubstep Starter Pack Orchestra Hit Loop More Organs? Splatter Tables Dream Dancer Square Bells Bagpipe Harp Timbales Shakers



I like it

Core Audio Not Available


Was able to make 1 ringtone before it gave me the error message ”Core Audio Not Available”. Now I'm not able to do anything.

Garbage Band


not intuitive and takes forever to load a song file that is saved locally.




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