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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

Great but this feature would be very nice


This is a great app, i love making music and it’s very good for doing just that. but there should be an option to add two songs together, like forge song 3 and song 4 for instance.

you need a brass section please listen


I’ve been using this app since I got my first Apple product and I really liked it first and then I started playing the trombone and I really want to be able to play it on this app so that way I can sound good but you guys don’t have any section for brass so could you please add that so that way you can play each individual brass instrument also could you make a live loop grid for the keyboard collection that would be nice thank you hope you listen to the suggestions.

More sounds.


I love the new Keyboard collection added . There should most definitely be a guitar collection or something like that added, would be great !



It’s not letting me get the latest version update I keep updating it and when it’s done I go in to the app and it still doesn’t have the keyboard pack



I love this app I wanted to take piano lessons but I couldn’t but this game allows you to play an insterments that you can’t at home!

Love the App

Thyran 2

I really love the this app for my iPad I’ve had it for yrs now best app for recording music and loops it has so many different loops and real instruments it’s been working great until the latest update I just got it on Thursday, when I’m scrolling through all the loops and listening to them it freezes up don’t know why it just freezes so I have to close the app and come back to In to it, it’s frustrating when ur trying to make music and it freezes so please fix this issue thank you.

Love this app


I absolutely love this app I am a music man I love music this is just amazing this app is the best I can’t describe it I love the music I love the variety of sound it’s just the best

You have to fix this

Brendan kb

I love this app so much and it’s great for making remixes. There should be a feature where you can slow or speed up a file. And also, every time I open the app there’s literally just a grey screen and it won’t load up so please fix that. It gets really annoying.

Amazing tbh


This is an amazing app that can be used for every genre of music

Apple Changed It


For one reason or another iOS has succeeded in reducing the functionality of what was once a great application. One is discouraged to leave default settings. One is also misled to the authenticity of recordings, thanks to much unnecessary haste- in Apple products...