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GarageBand turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. Use Multi-Touch gestures to play a piano, organ, guitar, and drums. They sound and play like their counterparts, but let you do things you could never do on a real instrument. Enjoy Smart Instruments that make you sound like a pro — even if you’ve never played a note before. Plug an electric guitar into your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and play through classic amps and stompbox effects. Use a Touch Instrument, a built-in microphone, or a guitar and instantly record a performance with support for up of 32 tracks*. Record performances from third-party music and effect apps directly into GarageBand using Inter-App Audio in iOS 8. And share your song using email, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, or AirDrop for iOS. 
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Music Free Apple Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Play your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch like a musical instrument 
• Play musical instruments on the innovative Multi-Touch keyboard 
• Tap out beats with acoustic and electronic drum kits
• Record your voice using the built-in microphone and apply fun sound effects 
• Recreate legendary guitar rigs with 9 amps and 10 stompbox effects
• Use the Sampler to create new instruments from sounds you record, then play them on a keyboard
• Record compatible third-party music apps right into GarageBand using Inter-App Audio

Sound like a virtuoso with Smart Instruments 
• Conduct an entire string orchestra with just one finger using Smart Strings
• Tap chords to instantly create keyboard grooves with the Smart Keyboard
• Strum chords on an acoustic and electric Smart Guitar, trigger fingerpicking patterns for popular chords, or switch to Notes view to try your hand at the real thing 
• Groove with a variety of Smart Basses using upright, electric, and synth sounds
• Drag drum instruments onto a grid to create your own beats with Smart Drums

Start a Jam Session with your friends 
• Use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to play or record live over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with up to three of your friends 
• Tempo, key, time signature, and chords automatically sync to the bandleader 
• Jam with any Touch Instrument or live instruments like electric guitar or voice 
• The bandleader automatically collects everyone's recordings so they can be mixed as a song and shared 

Create a song anywhere you go 
• Arrange and mix your song with up to 32 tracks* using Touch Instruments, audio recordings, and loops 
• Use the Note Editor to adjust or fine-tune any Touch Instrument recording 
• Trim and place musical regions exactly where you want them to play 
• Use the Mixer to fine-tune each track’s volume —solo or mute any track or adjust pan, reverb, and echo 
• Choose from over 250 professionally prerecorded loops as a backing band to your song 

Share your songs 
• Keep your GarageBand songs up to date across all your iOS devices with iCloud Drive
• Create custom ringtones and alerts for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch 
• Share your songs directly to Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud 
• Email songs right from GarageBand 
• Export your song and add it to the iTunes library on your Mac or PC 
• Share GarageBand projects directly between iOS devices using AirDrop for iOS 

* 32 tracks available on iOS devices with the A7 chip or higher. 16 tracks available on iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad (4th generation), iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation).


This app is extremely useful
The Golden Explorer

This app is A M A Z I N G. I almost never write a review on an app, even if it’s the best app I’ve seen, but this really deserves a gold medal! This app is so cool and useful for people who don’t know the first thing of music.

Loops from Mac
Saffy 239

Can you please add the Mac loops to the iOS loops?

Risko Live

No I’m instructions on how to even save during the sessions. Not able to move and pick instruments without activating random sounds. Random key changes. Leaving an hour of satisfied work lost.

Fox Dog🦊🐶

I was originally gonna rate this 4 stars, but you know what, it’s too good for that. I have absolutely no problems with it except for maybe it takes up a lot of my storage, and if I delete it, I rarely have enough storage to get it back without deleting a lot of stuff first. But that aside, this app is wonderful. My uncle uses it to write music, and me and my brother have a lot of fun with it, too. Great!

I like it,but...

I love this app!However there are no wind instruments,which may be a slight problem for those ho wish to play them.

It is cool but. . .

I really like this app. It has so many instruments 🥁 🎹🎼🎤🎧🎻🪕🪘🎷🎸🪗🎺but because every instruments have different versions it is sometimes hard to find the one you want. Also sometimes you don’t get to even open the app. I don’t hear anyone els having this problem but I do and I can’t do anything about it. I am mad and it won’t let me delete it. Plz fix this!

Smøk4y g

After the update my files couldn’t be open “Sorry this song cannot be open. Please open the song after downloading the latest version.” 😡

Best beats ever

And its for free!!!!!!


This app is a nightmare. What a mess.

Free ringtones

I lace this app because I can simply record the song or soundtrack and set it as my ring tone or alarm.