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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

It’s ok but cmon the timing soooooo bad


Ok so explain why the timing is so timing is so bad like bruh cmon Dawg

Awesome app but please help….


It’s a pretty good app simple enough to use and great for beginners I have made multiple tracks using this but I keep running into one issue and although I tried to ignore it as best possible it has driven me insane. Parts of my tracks are just completely disappearing. I am very careful to save my work that’s for sure. It has even happened while in in the app. I work on one instrument then move to work on another and when I go back to that instrument the recording is absolutely gone. I’ve had to redo a whole piano part twice when I was excited because I thought I had finally finished. Please help I don’t know why this is happening.

Issue with drums


The drums don’t work, any complex beat is relayed wrong in the playback. Please fix this asap.

The one man band


I make music on Garage band all the time but I have an issue with being able to send out my projects to people. It becomes buggy when I’m trying to send and the message app is overlapping so can’t send anything to my friends to hear an enjoy. Please fix the bug. Otherwise I love this app. I love music and making music that this is perfect for me. I just want other people to hear what I’ve come with too.

More instruments


Great app. Absolutely amazing. However, GarageBand needs more guitar and woodwind (specifically horn instruments like saxophones) sounds added. Most samples from the internet don’t sound very good, so it would be amazing to have more guitars and horns.

Please add a Noise Reducer


Hello Apple, I have been wanting to record vocals for my own song for a bit now but I have 1 big issue. I keep hearing noises in the background that aren’t even near me. It would really help if I could actually get a quality mic. I love you guys app just the vocal recording needs work. Thanks, James Dean.

Electronic Drumpad thingy

The Floor Lamp

This app, is outstanding. It’s free. It makes music. It is more than I could ask for, but… I would loooooove to see one of those electronic drumpad things, and tracks for it! It would be sooo helpful! There are so many apps that have them, but none of them are both good and free. I know apple isn’t going to read this but, at least i’m putting it out there.

App won’t open

xo katie

The app will not open, every time I try to open it it says that it can’t open because there are too many apps in use even when it’s the only app open, I’ve tried deleting it and downloading it again and restarting my phone and even updating my phone but it does the same thing no matter what I do.


Ryan Meese