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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

Love it, but export limitations frustrate


I love garage band and have used it for over a decade. There is an automatic mastering compression on ALL EXPORTS,And it gives a subtle mid range boost as well as compression. This is not desired when mixing to perfection, and then exports are not your original mix. Very frustrating. I have to manually record my master by connecting an audio cable to my computer peripheral and recording into software. This takes extra time and effort and I just wish there was an option to turn off compression on the entire mix within the garage band app. 4/5 Stars until they fix this. It’s been ongoing for 10+ years and no available switch has been added to disable mixdown compression.

Best music app

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Amazing just amazing


you have a bad Review Dud

Why the heck ?

You couldn’t make it anymore harder


This application couldn’t be more anymore complicated than it is. Try converting a voice recorder file to ring tone!



I just love using this app I use it in music always because it’s so good and I even download the app and I tested out that this is really great I was bored though because I’ve been waiting for the next update or the nest pack of all the other packs of songs but still this app is amazing and I always use it sometimes ngl.

meh more brass and woodwind could be fun


add like trumpets and flutes like plese it would be so much better then

How Do I Stop A Stalker From Using this App?


I have this app that I’ve removed from several devices. I’ve changed my Apple ID, been through several phones, computers and other devices. We found stored audio of personal conversations that were recorded remotely from my devices. I can remove it but it remains on the cloud where they continue to use it on many devices to listen to my private conversations as we are in the middle of dissolving companies. Please advise on how I can collect date on the person using ZSH and SSH with apps to remote into my devices to download and record things. They are using several apps, this is one of many that is not being used for its intended purpose. If you know anyone who can help please have them reply here as this behavior of ‘remote controlling’ my life has been terrifying, and I am not sure what to do next. I have contacted the authorities and paid a forensic team and as we extract evidence I need it to stop. I understand they’re doing their best to be sure they have all info possible but in more interested in having my life back.

More instruments


Some instruments, like saxophone, and the instruments included in brass ensemble, trombone, trumpet, and tuba are needed. Strings sustain is pathetic, it sounds terrible and needs updating. Many percussion are missing, timpani, bells, cymbals and many more are missing as well. Other then this, it’s an amazing app.


Immanuel stone

It’s a good portable software but just one thing. It would be a good idea to have users make their own drum sets. You don’t have to credit me please just do it

Quality of Life Improvements!!!


I love this app since it’s the only way I can create music at this moment. But I noticed that this app is desperately lacking with some quality of life improvements. I suggest adding in a feature that allows you to search for specific sounds for the beat sequencer kit just like how they have it for the loops. This will significantly improve my experience in a way that I do not have to search thru hundreds of drum kits just to find the right sound. Hopefully some of you other musicians feel the same way!