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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

Nice! But


When I try to update this app for the Keyboard Pack. It stays the same. Overall I really like this app

Samples problem


Why did y'all change the way we import samples , it's confusing now.

more soundpacks


i love this app, and i make beats on it twice a day, everyday. and im tired of hearing the same sounds. could we please get new sounds packs every 2 weeks.

Make ny/uk drill loops


I really need this and I honestly think it would help people who wanna make drill beats but cant do everything on their own like myself. Also great app btw.

GarageBand in life church environment

Don Mtz

For the past eight years I’ve been using GarageBand ever since I can remember since I got my iPad mini first generation started working on ideas making music and also making hip-hop and R&B compilations for a couple customers . The shock to me came more when I started to use it in my local church as a means of metronome I started creating tracks that would keep us in sync and in Temple. Back when I started using this the sounds in GarageBand or very minimal throughout the years garage band has expanded their library I think that’s been something that has really helped. I know for a fact that this has been one of the best things that we have added to our music department in our church I can honestly say that now for the past years I still get asked what is it that you’re using for your tracks and it’s funny when I get that look on their face when I say his garage band it’s literally on your phone they simply can’t believe it only thing that I would love as some thing that will really help is a trigger switch either a Pedal some thing that you could literally tap Or program certain tracks so when you’re live you can switch from them there is a lot of software out there that does the trick but this is very simplified this is literally logic it would be nice if some of the logic features are available in garage band. Apple by far this is a very good product I recommend it to any upcoming session church director producer anybody that does music the coolest thing is that you have it in the palm of your fingertips you don’t need to go to Big studio to create a track you can literally explore the idea of writing your hands now don’t get me wrong you still sometimes do need you to go to Studio"..............................................

Good but a bad update


Latest update deleted all my files And keeps glitching


Ryan the music maker

I try downloading this app and it downloads...just when it is downloading it goes almost all the way to being downloaded and when it’s at like a quarter of almost done downloading it goes back so I have to download it and it does that on and on and it is very annoying I can’t lie...when I had a few years back it downloading for like 2 seconds and it was done downloading and I can enjoy the game and it is super super annoying so pls fix it and I am a kid who loves music love making music but I can’t do it because IT WONT DOWNLOUD so thx

Plzzzzzz add

Wildly Watkins

Hey! I have been using garage band > once but 5 things that can make it better than ever 1:) Wind instruments I would like to see trumpets, timpani, and others added to this game as well 2:) Recording timer No recording timer pls add in a recording timer it would be so cool if you added one 3:) Real instruments sounds I would like the sounds more realistic as well to the instruments 4:) More packs I would like a philharmonia pack, philharmonic pack symphonic pack, symphony pack, and wind pack to bee added into the app 5:) More instruments More instruments would be nice as well like symphonic, symphony, philharmonia, philharmonic, and wind instruments to be added as well. Please take these things into consideration pls make this happen in the app make it happen pls and thanks for reading

Stupid game

mr jumbo hates adds1584

It’s the worst game ever it won’t even download so frick this stupid game

Great but


Latest updates has a weird issue where it will latch onto a note, and loop/reverberate that note in perpetuity throughout the entire track. Which is a bad thing. Functionally it adds a layer of noise where they should be none. Which is, again, bad.