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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

A suggestion


You have given us hip hop and reggaetón. Now you given us Classic Hip hop. Can we have Classic Reggaetón now? Or at least a drum kit?

It’s amazing but...


I think this really needs to be solved I’ve played it before but now it just crashes each time i launch this please fix it

Pretty good, but doesn’t detect triplets or swing


I love this app and use it a lot to jot down ideas and things like that. If you are looking for something like that or are a beginner when it comes to music this app couldn’t be more perfect. The only problem I’m really encountering is that this app doesn’t have rhythm beyond straight eighths 4/4 You could write everything in an awkward 6/8, but swinging in 4/4 or even just having a triplet run isn’t going to happen Also other meters like 5/4 or 7/8 aren’t happening either If there was an update that fixed these problems I thing this app would be 100% perfect OH WAIT!! There’s no trumpet sound effect. Like really? No trumpet? We need that!! Maybe I’m just a disgruntled jazzhead looking for a place to smear his brain goo, but I love this app and I want to see it get better!!


Bobert the Bobby

This a good app ._. MEMES

The best game ever

bruce da sark

This game is so good with no bugs or adds. Music is my jam and this game lets me make my own. If you play this game I promise you will never delete it



It’s great but whenever I was clearing out my Apple storage i deleted GarageBand because I didn’t use it that much but whenever I saw that you could use it to make ringtones I tried to re download it and it said that I didn’t have enough storage I only have 1 app I downloaded myself and 100 pictures, I’m just saying it takes up to much storage

Garage band


I really enjoy this app, it’s helped me launch my music career and is a great way to record and edit music. However, I would like for garage band to make a feature where you can merge your songs into an album to make it easier.

Music 🎼 into my ears!


This amazing!I get to experience the life of songwriters!I know it’s kinda hard to know which one is which.I especially like the loops!I press random keys 🎹.And , it turns out my song is AMAZING 😉!Get it now!!!

It’s great, but,

Andres Riccobono

I know, it’s a great app, but it needs more world instruments! Like, the bagpipes, or the eilen pipes, or the trumpet, trombone, tuba, French horn, Oboe, English horn, bassoon, flute, harp, saxophone, other Chinese, or Japanese instruments. I mean it would be nice if you added some of things in, and be a lot better if all of them and more were added. Please consider doing this. Please!

It won’t work

Abby >:3

I have tried a bunch of times to make a ringtone for my phone by using another app and exporting it to this app but each time I do it says “adjust length” when the video is 27 sec long. AND it says there is another audio like that whenever I have no other audios in there. AND it says “core audio not available” I have been trying to do this for almost and HOURRR.

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