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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

I have no idea how to use it


I know what this app is and what it suppose to do, but even after following multiple online tutorials I still can’t seem to make it work. It won’t record anything. Very frustrating

I like this app a lot but a big issue


My sustain doesn’t work on certain tracks maybe it’s a bug that you guys can figure it out

Yuh get into itttt


UwU -.-

I love this app ❤️

RosieRed UwU

I am indeed a very young person but in my free time I like to sing into a microphone my mom started to recommend GarageBand for me since she uses a lot. My mom is a almost professional singer, and because of this I take her advice and start using the app. I use this app a lot and I have to say this is one of the best apps I ever used ^^.

Best music-making app ever!!!


Hello, I love this app!! It makes me so happy when I use it and it is easy to figure out! This app has sooo many music options to choose from!!! This is one of my faveorite apps ever to be honest! This helps my creativity venture into the world of music, and I deeply thank the producers who made this! Sure, there are other apps or games like this out there, but this is the best by far! Totally recommend!!



It’s not letting me download this app and I really need it right now.

Bad for ringtones


When you create ringtones with GarageBand they sound good on the app, but as soon as you download them as ringtones the quality just completely drops off and sounds like trash.



It’s a good app but it takes up way to much space.

Some reasons why I like and don’t like garage band


I love garage band it’s really good for making ringtones but there’s a problem I can’t open the app no more it just shows a gray screen and then it kicks me out to the main pageBut the good part is there’s everything I need on it and I like it because it’s free to make music the only problem is is all the crashes it makes it not fun to use and makes you want to just download another free app and try it

Why need a really big storage to download?


Why do I need a big storage or even more space to download this app? Because I’m a little confused because I’m tired of having to delete stuff in order to have this app. Like I had to delete some photos apps Messages etc. Just saw that I have enough space to download it,but girl.!!! Like why need a hella Big storage when it’s literally just an app? I remember when trying to reinstall notes and it didn’t require much storage and why can’t it have the same thing on this? I kind of feel stupid writing this because I feel like I’m making a bad mistake but i’ll just probably not do this ever again