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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

Ok but..

Naruto Fam

I use GarageBand as my main way of making songs but after a while GarageBand will delete songs of the iPhone so u have to redownload it which is understandable cause of space. However what doesn’t make sense at all is how it could kick u out a project and make u redownload it then make the download go 1kbps taking forever to get back on the song u were just making. Plus when it decides which one to delete it’s completely random as I could be on a new song after getting of another project and soon as I get off the new one it’ll delete but the old project stays on the phone. Which doesn’t make sense if I get off a project I was just on it should delete the old one I was on before it not the one I was just one. Long story short good, it’s my go to for projects but it has some really annoying creative killing bugs

it wont download



The clean amps in the app.


When using the app I turned off my volume and the volume of the amp so it was no sound and it would put random letters up on the screen when I wasn’t even playing a note at all. So this feature don’t work other than that is a great app.

ur mom


this app makes me delete all my apps and pictures just to download it! unacceptable, and i do not have all the time to wait for this to download get better service

Not Useful

Twila Rawlings

This is a bit much for the average person wanting a ringtone. There are to many steps, ring tones were not obviously mentioned and it would be easier to select Apple Music and pick your purchased sounds. This is a HACK APP.

Quite awesome


Turned out to be quite a capable software, couple of missing capabilities but all in all a joy to use.

Need assistance??????


Hello GarageBand community hope everyone’s doing alright I try to open my old projects on my phone but the app says I don’t have permission to open any of them. But I can make new projects, has this happened to anyone?

Amazing but….

lil turtle boi

I love this app, it’s just that since I wanna be a producer slash rapper, I think you should add more rap beats. Yes I make ALOT of this already and have found that mixing certain genres is usefull, but I want to find more beats to make better sounds with like hi hats, bass, and also synths. I think you should add some more producer packs with rap stuff on them. I love this app though and I’m hoping it can get my career soomewhere. But it would be very nice for you to put more rap beats and more synths and things like that in this app. But five stars bro no cap :D

What an amazing app


So, I love GarageBand, and I use it every day. I can think of only two things I would like to see this app have: 1) more “other” keyboard sounds (for instance saxophones). Secondly, I wish there was a feature that randomized the timing of MIDI notes on a track (like a reverse quantization) to make tracks sound more authentic. Even the slightest changes in how you attack a note can change the entire feel of the music!

Garage ban review

music lover 69420

Not straight forward, hard to record music and then upload, and I have yet to find a mode to just write sheets music on for the ai to play