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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.



There should be an option to search up specific instruments without having to go through the entire library.

It’s not downloading but it says it is compatible with my device


I just don’t understand why it is doing that!

Missing Too Much

T1DiFunMaker (Twitch/YT)

While good for beginners, it lacks many instruments, such as most Brass and Woodwind instruments. The sampling is also subpar, as you can’t choose which specific part of a sample to use. To do that, you would have to use the same sample multiple times, which is unnecessarily complicated.



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Good, but need more instruments and music types.


I saw that there was a “World” track and I was interested. I got in and only saw some of the main world tracks. I am a Mexican singer that is starting off, and I am trying to make my own song but I need mariachi style tracks. Like trumpets, harps, violin, guitar, guitarrón, and a vihuela. Without these types of instruments, it’s hard to create a song. Which is why I ask for “Mariachi” style tracks. Thank you.

Love this app whole heartedly.


just why does the pencil work better at times than a mouse… and why can’t the Apple pencil tap-select a track and edit without having to use my finger to tap-select first then slide a track with my pencil? Has to be my finger. I can’t drag and select.. the white track extenders on the sides won’t show up unless I use my finger tip .. Having a mouse as well has actually made my editing more stressful.. but cuz it was wild and I haven’t used a mouse for quire sometime.. but it’s easier now.. the thing is I’d like to edit mixes using my pencil. Though there are techniques Ive taught myself.. spending so much time mixing and mastering.. my complaints have dropped.. but how come I can tap-select when I’m on the grid when editing drum and key strokes, but not on the main mixing page?

Why does it have to be iOS 15.0 or more?

pls get ads away

Why does it have to be 15.0 or more because I want to play instruments on it but i can't because I don't have IOS 15.0..please fix this. I'll rate it a 5 star only because it's a good app.

Almost perfect


I think this app is really awesome. The microphone is pretty good especially the punchy presence one. The piano is really beautiful and so are the strings. The only thing I don’t like is 1. The auto tune and 2. The guitar. The guitars don’t sound that bad but they aren’t great. But I still think this is an awesome app and you can do so many cool things and write such awesome melodies with this app :)

GarageBand the best


So I’m a 9 year old kid musical prodigy I started to make music when I was 3 on GarageBand then my parents started to record me making music the kind of music I make is dance, hip hop/rap,funk, and gospel so my opinion try GarageBand it really has different types of things to make music.

App size

jcw elle

1.6 gp is an insane size for an app 3 star just becuz of the size