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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

App update issue


The latest update from Oct 20, will not process.

Get this app!!!


Idk how long ive been using this app but its amazing for making my own music, especially when im bored. Throughout quarantine ive come to find this app a good way to spend time when im bored af! - stranger



Ok for real this app is epic

I got beats on tv with GarageBand iOS


GarageBand ios is more than enough and is still offering more production features... I used GarageBand ios for over 7 years now and It taught me how to be a producer... I now have a beat made off GarageBand ios licensed to the NBA!



When I tap My song Jazz,It says Optimizing Performance... I’m getting mad and sad and having an emotional breakdown!! Please fix this!



This app is the best music app I’ve ever messed with. I’ve been using this since 3rd grade and it is awesome. Best app ever for music creation when it comes to user friendliness and choices.

Hardstyle, and better sound quality


Please add more hard hitting instruments such as hardstyle or hardcore kicks like in a sound pack or something with hardstyle synths like sub zero project or d-sturb. Also, it would be good if you guys added punchy basses for psytrance. Basically garage band needs more music packs and it would be great to see an option with eq tampering and more effects for a single track. Sort of like FL studio but more simple. What would also be great is better sound quality, one main reason why I don't think I should use this app full time is because of the sounds. All of the keyboards and instruments seem that they need more treble and clear tone. Also we need more instruments in a project instead of 30 only. If this version of GarageBand had more tracks and higher BPM (for French core and hardcore) this would be a permanent option for me and I wouldn't have to pay extreme prices for an over complicated DAW. In conclusion, please add hardstyle, French core, and hardcore kicks (and synths). Make the sound quality better. And more effect tampering and eq tampering. Please read this.

Good for beginners and experts


With a variety of free instruments and a simple interface, it makes it great for starting out and can help even expert music creators when they need to quickly write something down. I definitely recommend to anyone. You should not have second thoughts about buying this.

Black Screen


The app does not even open anymore. It just goes to a black screen and closes. Was a good app.

i love garageband but my files disappeared


i use garageband everyday i make music for my friends with it and for myself. i had thousands of tracks i spent countless hours on and i tried to update the app today. after i did all my favorite tracks were gone. i don’t know what to do or how to fix this and i’m debating on giving up after this. is there a fix?