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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.



I made music for free and this can start a music career I’m so happy with this app and I can make music 24/7. 👌🏽

Problems with


I tried to open the sampler on GarageBand and then it says operation not permitted :(

This app is garbage


Hot garbage. I get that it is free but there are better free apps that actually work.



I can’t install garage band fsr ty

More Midi Support?


I have used this app for a very long time and it is one of my most used apps. However, I just had the privilege of receiving a midi keyboard. As I have begun to use the app with the keyboard, there is no way to use some of the things that I have on the keyboard. My keyboard has many assignable knobs, and custom presets. But when I use GarageBand mobile, I can’t do anything with them. Being able to play the sounds on actual keys is amazing! However, if the creators of the app could add midi learn and things like that, it would be much appreciated. Maybe they could come out with a new update? Besides that though, this is an amazing app. For a mobile DAW, definitely the best I’ve ever used!

It’s so fun


I love this you can make lots of music in the app!

Garage band


Very hard to use and figure out.


nd bdchdc

This app makes recording really hard. I really don’t like this app. I keep trying to figure it out but my beat keeps getting cut off when I try to record

Just one small problem!

Phong diep

It’s a really good daw.I love it.(You can learn the controls quickly)But I have one small problem.There are not enough instruments.Please add instruments like from the 1700’s (like the harpsichord) Or the harp or maybe brushes.Please add more instruments.Thank you!

It’s great


Men this is a great app

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