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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

Please add a search bars when selecting instruments


By far the best music engineering software I have ever come across. I recommend this from beginners to pros alike. Very easy to use learn and get acquainted with. Endless instrument selection. The only thing I ask for is Apple, please add a search bar for instrument selections. It would definitely help when trying to find the right sound for tracks that use “Alchemy synths”. Thanks!!


Guinea pig gaming


Almost there


Garage band is a great app to use. I’ve just downloaded this app and I love it! However I wish there would be more instruments in the world music category

Great but...theirs a problem.

aiden o'neil

So I go into my app and I download the keyboard pack, but it won’t show up and I have a lot of data on my phone so plz fix that.

Lost two days of work


Well, there’s a lot you can do with this app. It’s nice that you can upload your tracks right into logic. I’m rating it lowly because it’s been around for years and they still haven’t fixed what I see as a major problem. If you somehow accidentally delete part of your song and the app closes... it’ll save and you’ll lose whatever was deleted because there’s no save history to go back. I opened GarageBand and I was missing an entire piano track that I spent two days working on and there’s no way to recover it... now I have to redo it. Thanks for not creating solutions to simple things like this after 10 years of this apps existence.

Really good app


I’ve got custom ringtones because of this app and it’s amazing


chris is 9

Eeeeeeeeeeee e eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Great app

United Kingdom Lover

I’ve been playing this game ever sense it came out and there’s only one problem with it is that the recording needs to improve

Awesome but things for the future

sarah berh

This app is awesome but we need like a avatar thing so we could soo our avatar playing. And it would be cool if we did like an online rap battle with avatars but since this app is GARAGE band there should be a garage and we can customize. There should also be a chatting system so we can chat with our fellow rappers but if there is a chatting system there should be a friend system. Also there can be like a setting so that you can change your name and profile pic of your avatar. So if you do this this will make the game more interesting and cool and get more subscribers. Oh yeah and there should be like a thing where you can get clothes and more hairstyles but ya I think it can also ask for your gender there should also be a hair treatment so that you could do blonde fading into purple and all that stuff but I really think you should put this on your list. Please put this on your list thank you!!! From, A girl that loves Star Wars ( and Darth Vader )

Let’s do it !!!


Gg it’s goooood