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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

Truly Amazing


The fact that I can produce high quality music on my iPhone 6s is mind blowing. Only downside is that I hope Apple adds an LFO tool so I can do side chaining on the kick (for 808 and bass). Also automation (easier) on effects would be cool too.



This app is the sexiest app I’ve ever used. When I made those wind pipes blow, so did mine. I love this app. It has been an important.🥵🥵🥵🥵

Really nice

genesis hernandez martinez

I like this game just now I can’t update it please fix it but I still remember when I liked it so much!! Please fix it for me maybe I just don’t have storage I’ll try to get it to work cause I liked to play it but now I can’t...

The instruments don’t work.


I use the instruments and the don’t make any noise.

Love it


I been using garage band for 2 years and so far I’ve liked it and I like to make the songs I love to listen to and it’s very simple once you get a hand on it

Hub Huba


It’s the best because you can change your voice and like I change it into a chipmunk because when you say sassy it said it like sussy I know that’s not a word but it says it like that


Cz L8r

The new file thing is so complicated and I don’t know how to exit.



I own a flawless 1st. Gen. iPad. I was forced do a "factory-restore" and then I did the recommended OS Update to get the locked device to work again. Imagine my surprise as I discovered all the "incompatables" I received when attempting to reinstall my favorite paid-for apps. I am distressed to find that GarageBand no longer can be downloaded nor does it function. What is the deal with that? Is there a fix? If not why?



It doesn’t even let me in the app

Fort nite battle royal reeeee


I like tacos