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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

It is cool but. . .


I really like this app. It has so many instruments ? ???????????but because every instruments have different versions it is sometimes hard to find the one you want. Also sometimes you don’t get to even open the app. I don’t hear anyone els having this problem but I do and I can’t do anything about it. I am mad and it won’t let me delete it. Plz fix this!


Smøk4y g

After the update my files couldn’t be open “Sorry this song cannot be open. Please open the song after downloading the latest version.” ?

Best beats ever


And its for free!!!!!!



This app is a nightmare. What a mess.

Free ringtones


I lace this app because I can simply record the song or soundtrack and set it as my ring tone or alarm.

No astronomia

my toy lol

It’s Great But The Music Astromia isn’t there ?please have a update With Astromia ? thanks ?

Amazing...just one crucial thing.


This app is literally amazing. Seriously. You can do so much on this and I’m very impressed. I recently got a midi keyboard to use for this as well, and it works! However, the arpeggiator doesn’t work with a midi keyboard. It such a small but big inconvenience. It’s almost perfect. This has to be fixed.

I hate this app


THIS APP GUVES ME SO MUCH STRESS PLEASE DIE almost broke my phone cause of this app

Issue was not addressed.


Drums do not record correctly! I mentioned us about a year ago and nothing has been done about it and I am very disappointed. Every update says there’s bug fixes but nothing is fixed it’s all lies. Actually fix the bug for god sake it’s so stressful to try and work around.



There should be a free feature that makes the voice fade in with the beat so it sounds like a real song.