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CHRONO MA:GIA is paid iOS app published by GungHo Online Entertainment, INC.

Great game just some potential needed!

Pandora Scrap

A another good game by gung-ho that is easy to get into but sorta hard to master. The gameplay is fine but feels to short. But hopefully they add more content to make the game interesting. Story is meh not bad but it feels like another RPG Maker game that was rushed for released. Not bad of a game.



Good but learning curve is high, just like PAD. Would recommend, though!

Can’t play


I guess my iPhone 8 isn’t sufficiently up to date to play this game huh



Good game

I have no idea if it’s good so one star

Austin peck

Ever time I try download the update for this game it tells me it had a problem and I’ve done it 20 to 30 times now it’s very annoying and stupid bc I know other people who have not problem doing this



Won’t let me open the app My device is an iPhone se Sure it’s just a bug Try and fix it please

App not working


App opens up to update but i have gotten an error message 7 times already that an error has occurred with my download.

Have fun chasing your tail...


If you don't maintain board control.. you lose. If you lose it.. it's a game of cat and mouse... never really gaining control back. Unbalanced, and simplistic gameplay leads to who has the bigger creatures on board. I even took the time to unlocked all the characters, research deck builds, current meta, etc... and none of it matters.. it boils down to your opponent focusing all your creatures down and drawing the game out for 40mins until they manage to chip away at your health, and you lose. No strategy, no combos, just.. big dude, swing. I never write reviews.. ever.. so this is just an honest, friendly warning. I guess I'm just used to TCG's of higher quality. This is the last cycle of rage quitting, deleting, reinstalling and playing. Good luck, and save your money.. stay f2p, if you do.

Fun game, likely to improve with time


This is a Magic the Gathering-style card game with simplified gameplay, by comparison. The twist here is the Skillgear that provides additional spell choices and are specific to each character (“Gifted”). The Skillgear requires creatures of specific suit (club, diamond, etc) or type (demon, hero, etc) to be on the board to activate. So the choice is to clear out creatures to prevent the Skillgear or directly attack the opponent. Another twist—damage taken is converted into magic points for the damaged player. So, a big attack can be followed by a big counterattack if you can survive. I got killed a lot in the PvP duels before I figured this out. I expect many of the complaints about gameplay reflect that. Knowing GungHo from playing Puzzle and Dragons, I am expecting two things for this game: 1. Lots of updates with new stuff, new functions, and balance adjustments and 2. Freebie giveaways. When I started this game, there was already a 4000G bonus waiting, which was good for 10 packs (50 cards). From that and all of the story mode rewards, I now have 8 legendary cards and a passably decent deck (so if you’re wondering where the other players got their killer cards, they’re not necessarily whaling). This is all in 3 days of play. I expect that pace will not be replicated, but the key to “free to play” games is patience. Overall, I am enjoying this game. I’m rating it 4-stars partly on a “wait and see” basis. If it proceeds as I think it might, it will be 5.

Needs more


I play PaD ALOT, so when I heard Gung Ho came out with a newer game I was intrigued. When loading the game onto my IPhone 7+ I had to do the update and refresh or retry the update a couple times. For unknown reasons the game likes to pick and choose when it will play the videos of the story. I actually beat the game and the different stories of the characters really interested me and when I reached the end of their chapters it was like I was missing more info, like a cliffhanger... I liked the art style of the characters, it reminded me of Bravely Default by SquareEnix. When I finished story mode I tried free game and the free game connections need some help. It lags or you just lose connection during gameplay regardless of being on good WiFi or not. And I feel like they could do more with character card ideas.