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CHRONO MA:GIA is paid iOS app published by GungHo Online Entertainment, INC.

Good, but have some issues


The most important aspect of the game, the gameplay is fine. There are some unique features that make this game unlike hearthstone or shadow verse. However, this game have some issues. First of all, since the game is just released, there isn’t a lot of content. This itself isn’t a big problem or anything negative since it’ll eventually be updated with more stuff to do. The next thing is connection. I’m not sure if it is just me, but the game losses connection a lot during the middle of a match. It even caused me to lose a game once. The next issue that I had encountered are bugs. There aren’t much bugs that will affect anything, they’ll be fixed if you just reopen the app. However, there are several times when I lost even though I still had 1 or 2 hp left. Overall, this game is a good game with some minor flaws, and would possibly improve with future updates.

Terrible Network


This game is fine with its design and could be interesting to play, however its network is just a nightmare. It's not just me but all the people I knew who played this game (10+ people from various locations) suffered from its horrible network connection. If this game continues to let people drops from connection in one out of three PvPs, I don't see myself playing it long.

Terribly unbalanced and frustrating

Dottie Minerva

I rarely write reviews but I wanted to maybe save a player from feeling helplessly frustrated with the introduction to PVP ranked matches. One of the most prevalent issues in this game is that Zeta is horribly broken. If you don’t think so, you’re probably already playing Zeta and just raking in the TP. There are several reasons why I think him and Gifted like Raizer have an unfair advantage and it’s because of their health pool. They have WAY too much of a HP advantage over other gifted and yes, it makes ALL the difference. So expect Zeta players to sit on their MP until they have a hand of nothing but burn spells and watch them sling fixed (unblockable) damage at you before you even get a chance to play. Which brings me to another issue. The creatures have become secondary to the gameplay. The way this meta is trending is: Wait until I have enough MP to fill my board with creatures to get my abilities online and swing MAYBE once. Next, just throw magic burn spells in my opponents face until I win. I personally think either all burn spells should be nerfed by 1 damage point or fixed damage should be removed completely. When you’re playing against an opponent taking abuse because they’re Zeta with a ton of HP, and they suddenly drop a combination of 2 chaos fire, 2 Zeus lightning, 2 arrows, 2 Trojan horses for a potential of up to 15 damage to your face, ON TOP OF whatever they just swung with (because let’s buff all of Zeta’s creatures, why not?) you’re in for a disappointing experience and a frustrating time. As a long time TCG player I was excited for this release, and so far have been very let down.

Too slow


Shorten the turn time. Each game takes way too long. And most of the people seem to take forever to play. Don't love spending 15+ mins per game.



I just downloaded the app when the downloading is complete and I open the app, not even 2 seconds the app crashes and closes. Tried to re-downloading the 3x and still no success.

Unoriginal money grab


With lots of card games out there it’s hard to be unique. It takes aspects of all the popular card games yugioh hearthstone magic etc. Jams them together and adds in a gacha with atrocious rates and a meta that is pay to win. It just doesn’t work together and it’s a horrible combo. And I know this game is new but compared to the previous card games I mentioned yugioh magic hearthstone. This one has no fun aspects to it. Grind roll pvp done. Plus since rerolling is an aspect of this game you can expect people with all the best cards which is in no way fair to the average player because like I said the meta and gacha rates.

Play something else...


Definitely feels like it's something missing and much of the game seems pretty mediocre. Along with the gameplay, the art and dialogue is also pretty lacking compared to some other card games I played. The game is kinda fun and all but just feels like a "poor man's" version of Shadowverse which also features Japanese style artwork and unlike Chrono Ma:gia, has tons of voice acting. Wait until this game matures or just play other card games that are older and have a stronger player base. There's quite a ton.

Love it


The mechanics are amazing and the artwork is really nice too. The only thing I have is that the other Gifted people don’t have their own stories, like Leo for instance. Might be because it’s still new. Really hoping other types of card packs will eventually be released too. Not just the basic one. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Won't even open

Braedon J.

I'm running on iOS 11.3.1 with an iPhone 7+ and having issues even getting this game to run, it shows the splash screen for the developer but then just force closes before I can get anywhere near hitting a button.