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CHRONO MA:GIA is paid iOS app published by GungHo Online Entertainment, INC.




You can’t win

Weeaboo God

No matter what, your opponent will walkways have more HP, MP, and cards to send out. My latest opponent had a full deck to spare and I could only call out one card at a time with 3 MP average to spare. What the f

I can’t get on the app


I just downloaded this app a few minutes ago and I can’t get on or play it I was really excited for it because I love Puzzles and dragons, but I can’t even get on it to play it

Pay to Win

Actually plays Yugioh

Downloaded it since I’ve played puzzles and dragon for years, online experience is horrible. It is very much a pay to win game with some pretty insane prices.

Very meh


Gameplay itself is good. The real issue is that the game doesn't let you do what makes card games fun: deck editing. Yes, there is a deck editing function but there isn't one for story mode decks. Played the same stage 10 times in a row and lost every single time. It's not fun when you need the perfect combination of cards in order to win. Zero point in card packs if you can't edit every deck in every single mode. I suggest waiting a few months before downloading for a better experience.

Won’t even load


I have tried to play this but each time it says that the games update is not working.

The best tcg mobile games


The games is pretty fun especially if you like playing tcg. You didn’t need to spend money on this game to be good. The game will supply all the thing you needed to be good at this game. Even though I lose 10 times in a row I still play this game because this game really is fun. You should try it.

Unique card game that’s worth your time


It’s a different and refreshing card game. Unique mechanics than other card games out there, especially around mana management. Currently 13 different heroes with different skill sets. Lots of freebies to help newbies catch up, like free (and usable) deck and daily packs. The preconstructed decks are a great value when they go on sale for $2.



Downloaded the game during maintenance followed by having to update the game. Assuming there’d be no bugs I Played the tutorial up to the card summon tutorial (required) every time I would try to use it connection would fail and get locked in the screen and impossible to get out of making the game unplayable.

Confusing as hell

Cold forge

Compared to other tcg the art is bland and boring game is somewhat confusing.