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CHRONO MA:GIA is paid iOS app published by GungHo Online Entertainment, INC.


Cure Crew 17

So far, easy to play and easy to win. You could probably beat this game in a day. No complaints.

Was great, can’t log in anymore


Please fix the network, the game shows great promise but it needs to work first. Looking forward to updates!

Better than expected

Mertin Cheung

This has excellent production values and I am excited that it is skill based pvp like hearthstone but streamlined. Please add ability to sort cards by skill in deck edit (like rush, stealth etc). I was disappointed that gungho did not release divine gate in the west, played PAD USA for at least 2yrs & wondered what was taking so long for a decent follow up....

Decent so far


The game is very similar to Hearthstone, Shadowverse, and whatever card based dueling game you may played. What sets CM apart are the gear skills and unit level up mechanic. Units/Cards all have one of the four card suits (hearts, spades, diamonds, cloves) and a unit attribute (dragonic, demonic, beasts, etc) When summoned units and gear slots have the same suit/attributes you’ll have the option of casting one of nine unique gear skills of a Character. Level up is done by setting a unit on another with an increased cost of 1 mana. This will summon the unit on the following turn with increased stats. (Place on lv 1 to get lv 2, place on lv 2 to get 3/max) You can not set a unit on one that is maxed leveled. The game itself is fun so far with 5-10 minute pvp matches as its focus. There are a few things I have issues with but otherwise I am enjoying it casually: The voices. No offense intended but even if you toggle English in the settings, Karin (katana girl) still speaks in Japanese (Which I’m fine with) However, the English you do hear from other Characters... aren’t very fluent. There are very few voiced lines but I’m sure they’ll all be very memorable. Story mode. It bothers me that I have to use a prebuilt deck even though I made my own... but I can see how it helps with learning the perks of the base Characters. Gold. I’m pretty sure this might be solved with more content in the future but at the moment the only source of gold seems to be giveaways (thanks for the 4k compensation), achievements, and daily log ins. A pack of 5 cards is 400g while the rewards and logins range from 50-100. It’s also bothersome not being able to preview the abilities of the Gifted that you can buy from the store. Otherwise, keep it up. Looking forward to how this game progresses. I’m loving the art.

Is this a real game?


I downloaded 3 times on an iPhone 8 Plus and once it’s done it goes to downloading the updating patch. After that it finishes and then says update download error and you can hit retry till end of time and it still does not work.

Unique but...


I gave this game a 4/5 stars. Now my reasoning behind it is that it’s unique. The game engine they used is relatively cool. The tutorials were decent and not very long at all. They got the basics down within 10 minutes and it was understandable. Now the problem I have with the game is the suits and type of creatures. As of right now the game is lacking. I understand that it is a new game and I’m sure more will be added in the future but the game mechanics are pretty basic and the abilities of most moneyed are basic too. I’m hoping to see a huge addition of game mechanics. If the devs are reading this please feel free to reach out to me to hear some of the mechanics I think you could add pretty easily. If things do or don’t change within the year I’ll update my review.

Lots of potential.


Honestly the more people that start playing and giving this game traction, the more likely it will become something really amazing.

Great game, Bad experience with online connection


After finishing the entire story mode play through for each character I was really excited. After 5 matches of online play I’m very disappointed because every game has ended with me being “disconnected” and thus handed loss after loss for no real reason. My internet connectivity is great and no issues with it anywhere else so I know that wasn’t the problem. Fun game but it’s now unplayable for me because I can’t get a match completed....disappointing for sure.

Horrible Attitude


Extended the maintainer for 3+ hours without prior notice. No compensation given after the maintainer and no apology at all. Wow.