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CHRONO MA:GIA is paid iOS app published by GungHo Online Entertainment, INC.


Fak of

You gotta fix the servers i wasted 5 minutes on a game and the game couldnt connect, when i finally connected it disconnected me for being afk for to long.

Good start


Good start but there some balance issues. Skills should have a higher mana cost and no one should have a free skill to use. With a combination of gift skills and burn cards that deal damage matches could only last only two turns sometimes. I have issues with this because it’ll come down to whoever is luckier on their draw instead of being outplayed. Other than that this is a really fun game. The matches that went on for a good ten turns that were competitive were extremely enjoyable. Edit: After playing a week I changed to 3*. There are some serious balancing issues going on. Gifted should not have summon skills while others don’t. This puts the player at a huge disadvantage. Also the cost is too low on too many skills. It costs 6 mana to deal 6 damage to an enemy opponent so how does it make sense that Zeta can deal 4 damage for basically free? Rush cards are too cheap and need to cost more, legendary cards are too weak stat wise and burn cards are too powerful.

PvP doesn’t work


Match making keeps failing.

Play another card game...


Chrono Ma:gia is a fun game but I don't feel like there's much strategy or variety to it. There are also some balancing issues regarding certain classes and some abilities need some major rework. Definitely feels like it's something missing and the overall quality of the game seems pretty mediocre. Along with the gameplay, the art and dialogue is also pretty low-quality compared to some other card games I played. I recommend picking up another card game instead while this game matures.

Pay to win


There are some many similar games free to play,I don’t see the point to pay for packs with only few cards especially common cards.

Decent so far


Edit: They added gold for matches and shop improvements! *^* Thank you!! The game is very similar to Hearthstone, Shadowverse, and whatever card based dueling game you may played. What sets CM apart are the gear skills and unit level up mechanic. Units/Cards all have one of the four card suits (hearts, spades, diamonds, cloves) and a unit attribute (dragonic, demonic, beasts, etc) When summoned units and gear slots have the same suit/attributes you’ll have the option of casting one of nine unique gear skills of a Character. Level up is done by setting a unit on another with an increased cost of 1 mana. This will summon the unit on the following turn with increased stats. (Place on lv 1 to get lv 2, place on lv 2 to get 3/max) You can not set a unit on one that is maxed leveled. The game itself is fun so far with 5-10 minute pvp matches as its focus. There are a few things I have issues with but otherwise I am enjoying it casually: The voices. No offense intended but even if you toggle English in the settings, Karin (katana girl) still speaks in Japanese (Which I’m fine with) However, the English you do hear from other Characters... aren’t very fluent. There are very few voiced lines but I’m sure they’ll all be very memorable. Story mode. It bothers me that I have to use a prebuilt deck even though I made my own... but I can see how it helps with learning the perks of the base Characters. Gold. I’m pretty sure this might be solved with more content in the future but at the moment the only source of gold seems to be giveaways (thanks for the 4k compensation), achievements, and daily log ins. A pack of 5 cards is 400g while the rewards and logins range from 50-100. It’s also bothersome not being able to preview the abilities of the Gifted that you can buy from the store. Otherwise, keep it up. Looking forward to how this game progresses. I’m loving the art.

Not quite there yet

Odo Dodo

The latest update did add some much needed QoL changes, but honestly giving 5 gold for a win when a pack of cards is 400 gold is too much of a joke.

Trying it out


Does not seem bad so far. Has some interesting concept. Reminds me of other card games like Shadow Verse, in a way. Has story mode as well as PvP. BGM sounds nice. Still trying it out to see how it goes. Tutorial is quick.

Doesnt work


Crashes at load screen probably because I jailbroke my phone like 2 years ago and never did a full restore. Currently on iOS 11 unjailbroken but that shouldnt matter, why discriminate against jailbroken phones

“Poor” man’s Shadowverse

Shamfur Dispray

In quotations, since the packs are beyond overpriced. The “story” is short/ bare-bones and unfinished, most likely releasing in some sort of chapters. The quality of the dialogue is below average as well. Unsatisfying victory-screens, wish they had copied Shadowverse’s enemy explosion, if nothing else. Gameplay feels a bit too slow in general. The activation of magic could need an overhaul. Looks pretty cheap, same as the animation cycle of the Gifted.. where the placement of the cards inside their sprites looks (for some of them) like an afterthought, that was poorly executed as well. Surprised by how rushed and cheap this game looks, at least in terms of content and visuals. Can’t say too much about the cards yet, since it felt like every “different” playing character used the same kind of cards in its respective story.