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CHRONO MA:GIA is paid iOS app published by GungHo Online Entertainment, INC.

Update Failure


It tells me there is an update when their is no update and always redirects me to this page to update it despite not having an available update

Short but sweet

Top mojo

Very fun game for the limited time that allows you to play there is no extended story mode so there’s only a day or two of interest visual playing



Let us receive the new holy cards!! By being able to get them with the “single card option”!!!! Then I’ll rate it a 5

It has potential... But..

Travis Umbra

Let me start off with the good. Amazing soundtrack, visually pleasing, and voice over, story mode and they give enough rewards to be on par with paying players as well as the balancing of cards. Now for the bad, connection issues are horrible, you’ll lose matches from the game freezing or disconnecting. Which is a problem especially if you want to play Ranked. The Voice acting could be better however thats not a real issue. The cinematic movies freeze or crash the game also. Im using an iPhone 6s so i don't know what else everybody is using. If the fix he disconnecting and freezing the game will rise in popularity.

Poorly done BUT could have been great


First of all, apple says this game has a 4/5 rating If you average the reviews for this game here in the App Store then it’s more like a 2.5 (excluding mine) The game STORY MODE Easy and pointless.... poorly written.... nothing special but you have to complete it to get some gold. ECONOMY 400 gold or 3$ per pack You get 50 a day for logging in If you click the auto disenchant (called something else in game) instead of it turning your excess/duplicate cards into dust... it nukes your entire collection other than what is being used so RIP 3/4 legendaries that I never got to read the text on. You also get gold and packs from completing achievements. MECHANICS The crafting system is oppressive and designed to encourage spending (if you want to be competitive that is). The gameplay itself is really fun. I enjoy the suite and typing mechanics and how they effect the board and the players abilities MULTIPLAYER This is a typical game Instantly queue, wait forever while they choose their mulligan, match starts, control their early board, obtain a vastly superior position.... then conveniently get disconnected. Or Steamroll the opponent Or Get faced by the abundant damage spells until you die. There is no such thing as a healthy meta or balance in this game. TL;DR If this game was made by a small dev group then I would give it 3 stars. But considering the backing they have from PAD this looks like a quite cash-grab that they do not expect to last long which would explain the poorly done balance and connectivity (or AC) Worth a try to see what could have been done but not worth investing in unless you have money to waste.

Pretty bad with all things.


People always goes on face. Game is quick. U can feel very disappointed after playing it.

Would like to give 5

Jmanam game friend me

Enjoy the concept game is fun but I can’t ever connect to a game just black screens me then says matching failed I connect sometimes and can play but it’s like 1/5



Not worth playing

Good but..


I pretty much appreciated the story mode but it’s too short and after that there is almost nothing to do except playing with ppl ( than I’m not a huge fan )

Terrible balance


Well you wouldn’t listen and now I uninstalled. You nerfed draw phase screwing over Dragon Zeta which wasn’t even the freaking problem. Gifted skills are still rampant and now I have no resources to play since I invested in dragon boost Zeta. Thanks for ruining the game for me. Burn setups and summon spells should be removed from this game. You don’t know what you’re doing and I hope this game flops