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CHRONO MA:GIA is paid iOS app published by GungHo Online Entertainment, INC.

AIs are too hard.


For someone like me where this is their first game of this style I think the AIs are a bit hard. The game still is really fun so if you like these games then it’s good.

Overall ok


The library function doesn’t have a see your collection only feature. This makes familiarizing yourself with the game hard. The auto break down feature doesn’t function properly, instead of breaking down all cards you don’t need it breaks down all cards of the type that exceed the max limit. For example if you have 4 baby dragons and you auto break after the break you will have 0, not 2. The story is repetitive and only worth doing for the free packs. The game has potential and unique gameplay but is held back by the underdeveloped parts of the game that are not pvp. I think the game has enough merits to make it worth looking into for the future, but isn’t currently a good game.

Sadly this is p2w or p2progress faster


You can essentially unlock a lot of cards singularily, but getting the specific points. But you’d need to farm them by breaking down cards from packs. I found myself dueling people with rare cards and higher battle points than I have. So I would lose bc if the rarity. There at least needs to be a tier ranking system for free battle as well bc newer players will get face rolled. Packs are expensive and 5 cards per pack. Story I beat in 3 hours — new characters unlock but their story is no where to be found or added which is lame. In the story mode I lost once out of all the episodes could more difficult. Wish they had more content. Would PvP but the ranking system isn’t even up yet, and the free battle is broken, getting paired up with people that have plethora of card selection

Great Start So Far

Heo 123

Has many fresh ideas to the game. Might be a bit stale with activities for the game, but not going to hold against it since it is not even a month old yet.

Great !


5 years ago.

I really like it but.....


I beat all the story the first day, built a deck and have been unable to connect to a vs match at all yet. I want to play more but......

P&D is still better


Though this is really fun too.

Good concept, but...


The core of the game is interesting, it tries to take the tcg genre into some areas of unexplored space, thankfully stepping away from the +1 mana per turn concept of hearthstone and the like. Unfortunately there is a lack of creativity in many of the card designs, there are basically a dozen or so different cards just tweaked with different stats and alignments. There are 4 suits to choose from but its difficult to determine any real difference between them, leaving things feeling fairly redundant.

Give free pax



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