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CHRONO MA:GIA is paid iOS app published by GungHo Online Entertainment, INC.



Game release was 11 months ago. There are hardly any players. When I do real time PvP, I rarely pair up. I have 14 battle points (basically 3 PvP wins) and I’m in the top 59%. It’s a dead game.

Could be a great game...


So when this game first came out I really thought it looked fun and interesting but the reviews scared me away for a long time. But today I decided I would try the game out for myself. I have to say after playing it for a while I agree with most of the reviews I’ve read. The game is extremely unbalanced even against the AI characters. I mean the gameplay is fun don’t get me wrong but it’s hard to enjoy it fully considering how many fault the game has. First I don’t understand why I take the time out to build my own deck and I can’t even use it in the campaign. The game gives an auto deck for each character and won’t even allow you to study the cards before playing a match. You end up with the highest costing cards on your first turn and not enough mana to do anything with. Meanwhile the AI gets an advantage especially if the game forces you to play first. I’ve played the same level like 4-5 times before I finally won but the next level was even worse than the one before it. The campaign should not be this difficult in my opinion. I think the game has potential but the creators really need to work on balancing the game more and it might be more fun to play.


Akio Yamato

I play this game mainly for when I feel up to a challenge.

Garbage pay to win.


This game is completely “did you spend enough money to get xyz legendaries?” Sure there’s some strategy involved, but gold cards are better than everything else. I don’t recommend this game at all.


It's 50

I work hard to make a dragon deck , then u can buy the cards ... they made it pay to win, also ranked matches has terrible matching n if you do get a game you spent 10 mins waiting ... super disappointing cuz I like this game! Do not download!!!



Good game you should also add some dialogue to talk to other players while they play . Like smart remarks would make the game interesting while in pvp.

No Strategy


There just isn’t strategy in this game. No matter how thoughtfully you build your deck, it comes down to who owns better cards. There might as well not be commons because the elite players will just wallop you with decks of all legends and super rares. Rapidly becomes tiresome.



This is a really good card game and fun to play, but the one problem I have is that the matchmaking is super uneven. I’ve played against the best, and also the worst. I’m somewhere in the middle and rarely have I played someone the same level as me.

Where’s my free packs?

Leo Brazen

Game is interesting and everything, but I didn’t get the free packs I was promised that runs from 5/31-6/29.

Fun so far

Mora Flow

Long time player of PaD so I thought I’d try this out. Only complaint I have so far is, what’s the point of having a timer if yours or your opponents turn isn’t over when it ends?