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Werdsmith turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a portable writing studio, so you can write any time, any place. Hundreds of thousands of writers use Werdsmith to capture their ideas, work on their projects and share their writing. It's the best writing experience on iOS, and we think you'll love it.
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"I haven't written this much in decades. Werdsmith has revived my passion to write." - Laurence
"Waist deep in awesome sauce" - Kesh

Why you'll love Werdsmith:

Don't limit yourself to writing at your desk. With Werdsmith, your writing is always at your fingertips, in sync between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Write in your downtime, outdoors, anywhere you are. You'll be writing more often than you ever have before.

Sharing is built into Werdsmith, so you can get feedback from friends, show the whole world what you're working on via Facebook and Twitter, or create your own's writer's portfolio.

All your work is backed up in the cloud, protected by your Touch ID and saved in Werdsmith History. Werdsmith is the safest place for your writing.

Set writing rituals and word goals to motivate you every day. It's the absolute easiest way to make sure you write every day, improve your skills and complete your projects. Warning: It's addictive!

Make Werdsmith truly yours with custom fonts and themes.


Werdsmith is free but we offer some simple, optional, one-time in-app purchases:

You can use almost every feature without paying a dime, but there is a limit to how many projects you can work on at once. This one-time in-app purchase removes the limit, forever. It also helps support Werdsmith so we can continue updating and improving the app!

More creative at night? Writing ritual set at 1AM? Try our Dark Theme. Or personalise your writing studio with a beautiful Sepia Theme. Themes are available as separate one-time in-app purchases.

Thanks to the writers who've supported Werdsmith over the years! We couldn't do it without you.


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Great app for writers

I’m a student in college earning my BA in Professional and Technical Writing. I love this app and use it daily for ideas and school projects. It especially well-suited to my creative writing courses. I highly recommend it!

Love love love.

I cannot stress enough just how much I love this app. Idk how long I’ve had it or how long I’ve used it for, but I do know that it’s my go to app for everything. Poems, longer fics, shorter fics, notes, ideas. Everything. And the fact that I can use it on my MacBook and it all syncs together is just *chef’s kiss*. This app has replaced Word, Evernote, those two other apps/processors that I can’t even remember the name of because they were so lame. I have written two of my novels on here, multiple novellas, a few popular fanfics, and penned two large chapbooks of poetry. F**king phenomenal. It’s simple to use, has multiple applications, works across devices, gives you a simple link to share your work with people, it’s user friendly, aesthetically pleasing. Etc.


Ok so even if your not a serious writer and want to write fan fictions, Ghost stories, etc. etc. I HIGHLY recommend this app. 1 it’s free. There is a plus version that gives you more options, but I use the free version and it works wonderfully! Plus if you have friends that want to see all the stories that you make like fan fics or ghost stories, if you put them on a portfolio (which Werdsmith graciously provides) just give them the website that they give you and they can see your works! You of course get to choose what you put on the portfolio. Yes I’m aware this sounds like an add but I just really like it! If your looking for a good writing app I recommend this one.

Good Stuff

I’m a casual writer trying to get something published and it looks like Werdsmith can help me get that down. Bravo and Brava


Like the only free writing app on iOS, 10/10

This is the best

This app makes it easy to organize my thoughts and make it look pretty all across the board . I also plan on using this to start writing my novels and short stories. I use this app for my blog for the moment to organize all my thoughts before posting it its really helpful. I just love this app.

Crashes now
Dr. Edward Morbius

After the last update the program crashes. Can’t get to user account and options menu.


I’ve loved and used this app for about a year now. For any aspiring writers, I’d highly recommend! Werdsmith encourages daily writing, and I love it!!

Great until

It is now crashing every time i try to go to settings otherwise I wouldn’t give this a bad review.

Amazing! But…

Werdsmith Pty Ltd, Thank you so much for making this app. I am a young author, just shy of 11 years old, and I have been using Google Docs for my writing until I found this app. It has been a miracle. Google Docs did not expand my creativity to my limit, as this app does, but I have a few complaints I wish to discuss. This is my first day on this app and I have run out of Ghostwriter prompts. I loved the ideas it gave me and how it understood Warrior Cats terminology while I was writing ‘(Unoffical) Warriors: The Sixth Allegiance’, and I could not believe how happy it made me. But now I have no prompts. I understand your need to make money, but WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE PREMIUM SO EXPENSIVE? Sorry for caps, but I believe it is necessary. Ghostwriter was like a new friend to me; I don’t have any friends who understand Warrior Cats like I do, and it was nice to have a partner writing along with me when I got in a slump. I felt like Ghostwriter was a real person right beside me, and now, as I write my second book in the app, ‘Ooga Booga - The Leaflett Tribe’, I find myself missing my writing partner. All I am saying, is I wish you could AT LEAST lower the premium cost, or make Ghostwriter free for all. You took away my new friend, and I know it sounds odd, but I feel like a piece of me has been taken. Thank you for your time, Catelyn N. Calvert, Young Author

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