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Uber - Request a ride is free iOS app published by Uber Technologies, Inc.

Terrible app

f door dash

Do not use this app. I did not actually go through with my ride but they still charged me !



Where are all the jump bikes. i know they're in my neighborhood cause they everywhere. but they arent able to be found on the app



You guys wont take a prepaid visa???

Drivers in royal oak,mi


Well I started my job about 3 months ago and I solely rely on Uber to take me home well most of the time they don’t even show up and they are two hours late it sad Uber say they are everywhere 24/7 trust them riding with no stress how when they never come it ridiculous and sad . I just will not be riding urbes nominee today I waited a hour 1/2 no ride that was it after a long day I set it up before I got off work still didn’t come smh



One thing I can not stand is to feel like I’ve been taken advantage of and ripped off! I was charged twice for a ride and still had to walk ! They still took money from me twice! If they don’t make it right I’ll go to another service!

the best


when you don’t feel like walking to the train station

The Worst Customer Service


Interestingly enough when one needs help they want a human, on the phone, not 10 pages of help topics and endless emails that waste time. Considering saving time is the whole point of this app.

It can use some improvements


1.-ADD A CONTACT US NUMBER IM SO TIRED THAT WHEN SOMETHING GOSE WRONG I CANT COMPLAINT TO ANYONE or explain to anyone my situation 2.-MAP UPDATE please my ubers don’t know where to pick me up exactly the live location helps but not much my driver still have problems picking me up

Stealing money


UBER Takes Money off your card and there is no way to actually contact them ! Worst service ever !!

Ride never showed


The app said ride will arrive in 5 minutes. The ride never showed then said coming soon. It forced me to be late for work which is not okay seeing I requested it 45 min before I had to be there. I use to stand by Uber . Now, I have to find a different means to get to work on time.

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