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Stop & Shop is free iOS app published by The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC

Horrible update


This is the first time I have ever taken the time to write a review on an app. Beyond frustrating app. The process for coupons ices me nuts. Shows a limited amount with an option to “show more”. When you click it, it auto scrolls to the top and you lose your place.

Digital cupons are not loading correctly


Each time you get to the end of the list of available coupons and click on “show more”, the screen jumps back to the very beginning of the coupons you just scrolled through! Very time consuming. Please fix this.

Not great


Load the go rewards and then never takes them off the bill then the points are gone. Terrible app in general constantly freezes and crashes

Crashes constantly

dianne glovell

This app wasn’t successful once

Freezes and crashes too often


Despite all the “bug fixes”, the app constantly freezes and crashes. Whether I’m creating my shopping list or using it while shopping, it is unusable far too often.

App won’t open on iPad.

Val not a happy camper

This app is crap.

Recent apps update awful, useless

Get with it !

If I could give a zero rating I would. I don’t know what happen when the Go Points program was rolled out. I can no longer get or add digital coupons. When I was certain I added them they aren’t taken at the register when I use my loyalty card. When I mention it to the cashier, they can’t help, when I go to the Courtesy Desk, they haven’t been able to help. They tried uploading the App again but it won’t let them. When they clicked on the SS App it doesn’t open and just bumps you out and you can’t access it. They are puzzled. I also had a problem with my gas points when the go points. At one point I had 723 gas points they Day I shopped. I went across the street to the Stop and Shop gas station to use the points it said I didn’t have any. I showed the gas attendant in the receipt that was printed two minutes ago. He swiped my card again and said I didn’t have any rewords points . He said a lot of people have had this problem. He told me go back to the stop and shop courtesy booth and tell them the problem . I didn’t and they didn’t know why. As you can see this round and round we go run around is very frustrating and time consuming. I still can access digital coupons, or the app and the cashiers won’t honor them if I ask. Who ever rolled this app out should be ashamed of themselves. Stop and Shop should have tested it before the roll out, and Stop and Shop should properly train employees of the problems with the app and how to handle them. Probably bad timing to roll out during a Pandemic. It’s frustrating enough to shop with shortages, and social distancing but with all the problem you end up having to interacting with employees several times when you are encouraged to shop quickly, and get in and out of the store for everyone’s safety. I shop at Stop and Shop for the gas loyalty points which I can’t use or find. Time to shop at Star or Shaws. A less stressful experience. Hope someone can correct these problems. Thank you !

Needs to rotate for landscape view!


As stated in title.

Used to Work, Not anymore


With the new update, the app just went downhill. I’ve even tried using it on my parents phone. Constantly freezes up and takes too long to load. I tap coupons, and the screen won’t even load on any of our phones. Not a fan of this new update

No Stars update


Your new app is the biggest piece of crap ever. It’s impossible to view the flyer and scroll. Your coupons take 7 scrolls to go through them all. Will now be heading to big y and knowingly paying 20-40 dollars more per bill on everyday items. That is how bad your new app is. Not to mention I put a request to have a flyer mailed to me 6 weeks in a row at the store by the service desk. As you can tell by this review.... nothing.