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Redditor - the perfect client is free iOS app published by Tyanya Software LLC.



The last two updates have caused the text to jump around every time the ad on the footer changes - highly annoying to have to scroll back and forth to pick up where I left off every minute or two. Hope you can fix this glitch!

Comment Threads Don’t Close On Double Taps

Finna change if fixed

When I double tap a comment to hide that thread, it only closes the specific comment and not the thread!

Good but latest version makes reading comments a pain


It works for the most part and has been easy to use. However, the latest version seems to have introduced a couple bugs. When reading a post and comments it will suddenly randomly jump down the page and you can only collapse a single comment instead of an entire comment thread.

Was great

Demonic Reaper

App was great but recently the pages jump after a refresh, double tapping on a Head comment does not collapse all, app crashes, copy and paste does not work in Discord any longer. Just not what the app was... close to deleting. Please fix in January



They ruined the app with the last update. The feed is constantly jumping around while you are scrolling or trying to read. Its basically unusable at this point.

Fix is needed


Gonna have to find another app for reddit as this one is no good after years of awesomeness. Scroll issue is annoying...

Scrolling bug

Raging Ramboner

I agree with other reviewers, this app was great until last update. Now posts are randomly jumping around when scrolling (sometimes even when you aren’t). Please fix!!!

Great - but...


Best app ever! Keep it up, best reddit browser ever. Simple and perfect. A couple bugs to report - 1. The new release has issue with old photo viewer. Jumps around all crazy. 2. The double click to collapse comment thread also is different now and does not work right.

Was my favorite


Edit: left review and emailed developer about issue. He released an update in less than a day that fixed the issue. Back to 5 stars, and being the best client out there. This was my favorite Reddit client until recent updates. I don’t recall when issues started, but now when scrolling through posts, the feed will reset back to the top. I have a choice to either start over, or use a different client. I’m not a big fan of my other clients, they can’t compete with Redditor’s interface / controls so I’m hoping the issue is resolved soon. I’d happily rate 5 stars when scrolling is fixed.

Great App that needs a fix


Great app, however when liking a comment or post the screen glitches up.