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Redditor - the perfect client is free iOS app published by Tyanya Software LLC.

The new update is terrible


It keeps skipping back to the beginning 👎👎👎👎

Gyfcat links


I love this app but gyfcat links are not working. Please patch this and I will change my review back to a 5 star. FIXED and review updated!

Was really good


It was great but the last update, while fixing the screen size on iPhoneX, introduced scrolling bugs. Very difficult to use when it will randomly jump halfway down the comments when you’re reading a comment. It also glitches while scrolling comments up or down. I’m guessing there is some manual logic in the scroll controller based on an incorrect screen size assumption.

Broken now.


Can’t submit bug report for some reason but the scrolling is all messed up as of yesterday. When scrolling it just randomly scrolls all the way back up to the top. Then it has to reload everything as I try to find where I was. Kinda useless now. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that did not help.

iPhone X scrolling bugs

netta p

Long time user. Am frustrated that there is a bug for iPhone X where posts and comments are “jumping” - scrolling when you’re not even touching the screen sometimes. Also seems to have some issues when you open a webpage and not being able to close. Seems to have something to do with screen size. The back buttons and hamburger buttons are on top of the time and the battery indicator. Plz fix. Thanks!

Simple interface, comments broken in update


The comments system is broken in the 1.6 release—doesn’t scroll correctly anymore. This scroll skipping sometimes even happens in the subreddit post view. Easy to use interface and fantastic picture/video integration otherwise.

Was awesome until...


The latest update is super buggy. Screen jumps constantly Crashes when trying to minimize a comment Please correct- this is hands down the best reddit app I’ve found.

Scroll issues


Something is up with the scrolling. Will randomly jump down the page as new threads load. Makes it very difficult to use.

Bad update!


Latest update causes spastic scrolling up & down, rendering it unusable. Support leads to an under construction page which is why I’m leaving a bad review. I hope they fix it!

A couple of issues...


While scrolling in the app, the page likes to jump on you, when searching subreddits, you can’t search most of the smaller ones, or ones with unique names (for example if a subreddit was named after a Redditor, you wouldn’t be able to search it), when collapsing comments now, it keeps all the replies under it and you need to collapse each individual reply to see the next comment, and occasionally the app crashes when I tap one of my favorites when I just open the app