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Redditor - the perfect client is free iOS app published by Tyanya Software LLC.

Can't post


Greeting error "HTTP/1.1 405 Method not allowed" Please fix.

HTTP/ 1.1 405 Method Not Allowed

ronnie barcena

I love this app for reading Reddit but it doesn't allow me to post. Every time I try to post on the app it says "HTTP/ 1.1 405 Method Not Allowed"

Best edit app


Best reddit app. Developer is helpful and responsive. Would like ability to comment but is best app for browsing reddit I've used.

Awesome Reddit Client


Fantastic and easy to use Reddit client. Best one out there in my opinion. Looks great with layout options and ability to change theme. Very simple to find and add your favorite subreddits and supports the creation and viewing of the 'MultiReddit' feature.

Unable to login in any account on my iPhone...

Bank of America_Knoxville

Long time Reddit user, long time Alien Blue user (and always will be it looks like...). I have a few accounts for Reddit because I login to some moderator accounts we have for different subs, and I have my main account. For some reason I have NEVER been able to login to any of them on my iPhone, ever. The app always hangs and says try again later... But on literally any other iOS device, or even android device, my accounts login to this app just fine. SO DEVS PLEASE FIX THIS ERROR AND MAYBE I'LL THINK ABOUT GIVING THIS APP A BETTER RATING.

Best Reddit App for iOS!


I have tried pretty much every app there is for Reddit on iOS. This one is by far the best and easiest to use. I love the formatting and way the pictures/videos/content loads. Which is something that is not consistent on other Reddit apps, even the official reddit app. Especially on iOS devices like iPads. Other reddit apps don't display right or their format ends up weird on bigger devices. I can say this app ruined all other reddit apps for me. I tried others but ultimately uninstalled them and use Redditor instead. Great job!

The best reddit client

Patrick Star 93

I love it

I like it


Seems pretty cool. Though I'm curious how the app was able to authenticate me without taking me to the oauth page at Reddit to confirm I wanted to allow the app to access my account. Is this app just using my credentials to scrape Reddit while logged into my account on the web?

Ha great potential but currently buggy

George S IV

I live the design and I think the app has great potential but right now it's bug ridden. It often glitches out when I try to open and close posts and it won't let me post things because of an HTML error. It's also very slow to open webpages and sometimes gigs are choppy. Once these things are fixed I think it will be a great app and I look forward to future updates

Can't post anything.


I've been unable to post any submissions of any kind through the app for months now. I have to go through the mobile site to post anything. I've tried reaching out to tech support a couple times with no response. I don't think this app is supported anymore, disappointing. Switching to a different app.