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Redditor - the perfect client is free iOS app published by Tyanya Software LLC.

Edited - issues fixed


Uninstall and reinstall fixed minor issues. Still docking a star for abysmal customer support.

It works well

mr vandemat

The only thing that I've had a problem with is opening the left tab and then accidentally clicking on an "i" which brings up theme settings and causes me to lose my place.

There is a bug with GIPHY


After a while the app refuses to open giphy links/gifs . It keeps saying "The operation could not be completed.Not a directory" Please fix this as this didnt hapen before/previous versions.On iPhone 6s ios10

Good app


Not as fluid as the official app and I'm not sure if I'd call it the best one simply because i haven't used a lot of the clients that are out there. Reddit in and of itself is something I'm still getting used to.



Maybe they should buy some larger servers, so we can get online.

Auto play


Currently I love everything about the app but I do not see a way to turn off auto play to concerve data on cellular plan. If someone can let me know how to do this I will be willing to give the app 5 stars.

Best Reddit app hands down


I've tried them all and this is the most polished of the bunch.

Love this app. Love it.

Martin Moore MKE

About as close as you can get to an official app. I love that the icon is the same as Reddit. Can't read comments or full stories or respond to anything. Would love to see this developed further. I would totally pay.

Not happy with my purchase


The app is never updated. All of Redditors competitors quickly updated for the iPhone X - nothing from Redditor.

doesn't support gfycat


one of the most popular gif hosts on Reddit won't display