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Redditor - the perfect client is free iOS app published by Tyanya Software LLC.

Really falling behind


This app used to be my favorite and only reddit browser, but it has fallen behind quite a bit. It’s having a lot of troubles loading imgur albums and multireddits and you are unable to locate any number of subreddits through use of its filter or search(the only way to pull them up is through r/all or popular and even then you have to click the link to the subreddit through the comments). Last update was 4 months ago so I don’t know if the developer is working on a big update or this app no longer has support. It’s unfortunate



Love this app but has to delete it. Since re installing it it wool open once but after that it starts to open and then crashes. Love the app but can not use it. Running the latest iOS on iPhone 6.

Fatal flaw


I love crushing this app, but it consistently refuses to let me log in. I have tried several methods, including setting up a new log in. Spinning wheels of death and no assistance....EVER!

Not bad


This is a great start. Still haven’t figured out how to get from settings back to front page. Some videos do not preview or load. But the concept is great. Beautiful display of reddit content and scrolling works well.

Most media still won’t load


Previously gave 3 stars for most pages not loading. Lately it is just getting worst and have to open it in Safari. pages have the most issues.

Good again


It was great but the last update, while fixing the screen size on iPhoneX, introduced scrolling bugs. Very difficult to use when it will randomly jump halfway down the comments when you’re reading a comment. It also glitches while scrolling comments up or down. I’m guessing there is some manual logic in the scroll controller based on an incorrect screen size assumption. Update: fixed now.

App crashes so it’s unusable


I’m using iPhone 5s and whenever I open the app it crashes. Used to be my favorite reddit app. Shame E: it fixed itself somehow... very good app. Looks very clean and looks really great.

Awesome Reddit app!


Best reddit app in existence! Horribly depressed it isn't on android!!!

Better than many

Mousa K.

One of the best apps for Reddit

App is working great again


With the scrolling bug fixed, the app now runs like butter.