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Redditor - the perfect client is free iOS app published by Tyanya Software LLC.

Good app, needs better media support

Michael D K

Big fan of this app. Ads are unobtrusive, voting is easy, navigating comments is intuitive. I just wish it had better support for media, including showing imgur caption text, and in-app playing of reddit videos.

It’s great!


Great app to scroll through reddit. Nice work!

Painful navigation


Not perfect at all. The app has redeeming features, but you have to get the basics down before it can be considered useful.

Hands down the best Reddit app I have used

caffene boy

I have downloaded every Reddit app I could find, including the official one, and tested them all and this is by far my favorite for browsing content. Although browsing comments could be easier. It is very customizable and has many features that cost money on other apps. It isn't very intuitive at first but if you stick with it for a couple of minutes you'll figure it out. I didn't really enjoy the app that much until I tweaked the settings to my liking. I encourage all of you to at least try it. The only suggestions I have are that I wish minimizing comments was easier and I wish fonts could be smaller.



This Reddit client deserves a lot more love. The gestures take a little getting used to, but once you get them down, it's fun to navigate. I love the animations and the Night mode is the best! Keep up the good work!

Poor design, buggy

Jeff T Cross

I am surprised by just how bad this app is. I really expected it to be at least as good as Alien Blue, which is by no means perfect. I find the experience on iPad Pro really bad. Maybe it's better on other iOS devices. I am deleting the app..

It's imo preferable to the official client


Easy to use with fairly non-invasive advertising and a fair degree of customization

Best Reddit client on iOS. The developer is very responsive.


I asked the developer to include features and 3 months later just like magic the feature I asked them to implement was there and my they emailed me letting me know that I was heard.

Best Reddit App!


Ability to swipe pictures/gifs without hitting back button is wonderful. Slideshow feature gets thumbs up.

Crashes galore

Bigg m0

There are many things that crash on my iPhone 6s Plus pls fix Until then 1 star