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Redditor - the perfect client is free iOS app published by Tyanya Software LLC.

Little problem

Yung Mole

I used to love this app, it was by far my favorite reddit app, but one of the last updates broke the feature that lets you add subreddits to your favorites. If you press the + button it freezes the app and you have to close it for it to fix itself.

Great app for Reddit


Tiny bit of a learning curve but really good app. I use it everyday well put together with room for growth.

Efficient way to browse


The "readability" default for articles and swiping through image/meme posts just make reading Reddit better. Doesn't take long to figure out how it all works.



Links are opened in it's own "browser". Ruins any javascript on the page. Interface is wonky



Can't figure out how to comment on stuff maybe it isn't even possible with this app but if it was more straight forward it would get a 5

Back button on the right?


You gotta be kidding me. UX FAIL!

This is the best reddit client for iOS but this version is buggy


I have to say I LOVE redditor. It's pretty much the only Reddit client I use. It works very well on the Apple Watch. I use it daily. It usually is a very stable application almost never crashing... Except the version that was released a few days ago. Now the app crashes about every minute or so, it's unfortunate but I am sure the very talented developers who created this app will have whatever bug is causing the app to crash squashed within a few days. I hope they keep up the good work.

Can't Comment


Is there really no way to comment? What a joke...



It's an app~ Legit, what am I supposed to say...



Good updates