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Redditor - the perfect client is free iOS app published by Tyanya Software LLC.

App is broken


Recently whenever I've tried opening the app all I get is an error message saying HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable no matter what I try to load this used to be a very good app but it's diminished in quality over the past couple of months

Best Reddit App


This has to be one of the best Reddit Apps on iOS

Little thing


Very enjoyable on iPhone. Works great and the presentation of the app is true what this site needed. I was just disappointed that the support for iPad Pro (12.9") was to expand the apps size. Hopefully that gets fixed soon with some settings adjustments like multiple columns from other sub reddits. Other than that great app!

Can't enter password


The app only accepts passwords up to 15 characters, if your password is longer than this you won't be able to log in. I'm not about to change my Reddit password just for one app.

Best Reddit app to use!


Very clean, and very easy to navigate! I wouldnt use any other app!

The inconsistent functionality got too annoying


I've had this app since February and quite enjoyed it. Though, I'm not sure why or how out of the 30 comments, there are so many saying this is thee best Reddit app. My biggest complaint is if you up vote a picture, and do so by swiping the image (rather than click the image and then press the up-vote arrow), then that image and random others turn gray. You cannot see the image until you click on it. It's not a bad alternative to click and swipe passed every image (when you can't scroll), but that can cause you to miss a text post or could lead you to open a nsfw post in full view. I'm going to give the official app a try now.

Got me to start using Reddit

Tony The Tiger

Love this app, just commenting to get the devs to fix the icon. There's a sliver of white on the right side and on a black background it is bugging me to no end. Keep up the great work though. Bookmarking posts is easy to go back to and saving your favorite subs on the sidebar is great and let's me create a reading list of sorts, awesome to just swipe through all the new funny gifs that auto play for you. When using free version click an ad and they will disappear for 24hr. Support the devs to keep the updates coming to an almost perfect app.

not a good one


lots of flaws. there are better options out there.

Great app

Up date it please

This is the best app for reddit!

Too limited


Can't rate comments Can't comment Can't rate posts unless you first click on them Nice, large display of all pictures