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Redditor - the perfect client is free iOS app published by Tyanya Software LLC.

Best of Reddit


It is concise and straightforward and yet delivers information.

Good app to use on iPad.

Centex penny

So far so good!

Search doesn't work


The new update has killed the search function

Was good


New update on 25 april 2016 no longer supports nsfw subreddits.



New update shows a ton of repeat posts

Very poor update


The latest update completely wiped out my bookmarks. Apparently no way to get them back. Pretty poor planning and delivery of an update.

New Update ruins this App


The official Reddit app came out, I tried it and didn't like it. Stuck with Redditor because I liked the interface and usability and had used it for a while. New updated literally changed everything I liked about the app and is buggy. Search doesn't work, streamable links don't play with audio. Just lost a long time user

Gallery view is ruined


Gallery view is ruined

Was great but now...


The new comment interface is terrible. Differentiating between comments is difficult due to the fact that everything looks like one big comment. The separators that were there prior are no longer present.

Better before April 2016 update


Better before April 2016 update