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Redditor - the perfect client is free iOS app published by Tyanya Software LLC.

Completely not functional


Simple bugs should be caught before an release.

ALMOST perfect


The comment rendering in the app could use some work. My perfect Reddit app would use the structure and image browser and UI of this app but replace the comment page with the comment page Alien Blue has: the conditional buttons and thread collapsing is a must for actually using Reddit.

Fantastic app


Better than every Reddit app on the marketplace. I've tried them all. Wish I could see the captions on the photos in albums from imgur and the triple tap for parents doesn't work for me but eh. Great app, great functionality, simple to use and easy to figure it out. Keep it up!!

Solid app


Only complaint is inability to hide certain garbage subs from appearing on r/all which other apps apparently allow you to. Other than that no issues.

Imgur requires reboot


Shockingly bad app. I never review, but getting stuck in imgur and swipe down not working obnoxious.

I like it


The app works really well. Sometimes I feel like the navigation could be better. Like if you're on a link and you click the menu bar on the left, there's no simple way of closing it without losing where you were at. Other than that I like it

Works Well, Good for Reddit

N Draconator

I haven't had many problems on this app, unlike most others. However, some of the interface is a little clunky and acts like it was made pre-iOS 9. Highly recommend to stay relevant with other people.

Great app but


As of 3/31/16 the slide show image browser constantly displays an http 503 Service Unavailable error. I thought it might be Reddit but my other two Reddit client mobile apps work fine with media and images.

You can add multiple subreddits without signing in


The best out of them so far. Don't have to have Reddit account to add subreddits to your favorites.

Great app!


Easy to use Reddit app.