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NoteMaster is paid iOS app published by Kabuki Vision, LLC

Burned by lost data


Burned again - the next year. F this —- Burned again- twice!!! Lost everything from oct November. Ahhhhhhj!!!! Agree with others. Ios4 and latest version are losing data. Major disaster. --- update Well, they appear to be cranking out versions. Fine. Keep it up.

Very nice replacement


I like this much, much better than the one that comes with iOS. I especially like how one can number items, bullets, or use check boxes. One feature that would be very nice is to quickly make a list of items then select portions and have it numbered, bulleted, or check boxed. Just changing a selection would be nice but making multiple selections and using different formats would be awesome!

Best app I own


Hands down I use this app more than any other. Organized by nature or habit, this helps immensely. Shopping, groceries, track my pokemon, restaurants been to or want to, factoids to have handy, etc. I am even using it to learn Spanish and keep my notes right at hand. Well done Kabuki.

Please fix


I agree and second everything that boopnator said. It would make this app so much valuable.

Needs new icon ?

iron bridge

Been using for years. My best note app. Supports web links so I have a folder for web pages Make folders, lists Add photos, diagrams Love all the paper and font choices. Make lists within a note. Please keep updated!

I've had this app for a long time wow


It's an amazing app could use a tiny bit of updating but overall very very useful

The best app


Simply the best I use this app for alot of note taking, does the job.



I've tried many note apps but Notemaster is by far the best. Thanks for making this great app.


nickname I have none

My Apple App notes kept disappearing. SoI tried this application, and found it to be reliable and easy to use. I put My grocery list, sizes of windows and floors etc., print cartridge sizes for my printer, etc. in this app. You can title each note. The titles appear in list form, and you'd simply tap the title and to see your information. So far very reliable haven't lost one. I've used this app for4 years, now, and STILL feel it's the best for ease of use & keeping all your important information handy. I do NOT put account information on it or any personal information that potential hackers could steal.

I Lost Everything!


In an effort to reset the app so it wouldn't come up with my husband's name and password, I lost everything I have been entering for at least 5 years. Errands, pictures, doctor appointments, recipes, remodeling information, and the list goes on! Since it is on an iPhone, I assumed it would be "in the cloud," but I cannot find it. I love the app, but I can no longer trust it. ?