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NoteMaster is paid iOS app published by Kabuki Vision, LLC

Still Dependable

1Pink Rose

I have had this App for many years now and I still have my Journal Notes. I really love the flexibility of the app and I can always depend on it for all of my important notes Thank You keep up the good work.

Love it, but it’s got problems


I have used NoteMaster for years, but lately—I think with the upgrade to iOS 13—the search feature doesn’t work properly. It finds some words but not others. This is totally unacceptable. In addition, I have been expecting an upgrade that allows formatting of selected text. For example, Sometimes I want to convert a heading to normal text, for vice versa, but it can’t be don’t. Please, NoteMaster, fix these deficiencies so that I can give you a 5-star rating!

Pretty good app but could use some updating


I have used NoteMaster for about 10 years. I like the formatting feature and like how it synchronizes with google drive. One thing that I have long needed was a search-within-a-note feature. Yes it has a search feature for the entire app, but once you get to the note you think your word/sentence is in, you can’t search any deeper. I have notes that are multiple pages (if you printed them out) long and I have to scroll through the entire file before I (hopefully) find what I’m looking for. Also, I would like a “force synch” feature. I have two iPhones and when I add a note or add to a note, it is not predictable when the other iPhone will update. I still like it for it’s simplicity and will still use it as long as it’s supported.

Amazing but upgrade mess it up

Latino Style

This is one of the best app ever until the last recent “upgrade” they took away the option to look up things from (this category) tab and that mess up the hole up. If they can fix that I will gladly give them 5 star but they mess up the app by taking that feature out.

Major bug discovered after my last update


I used to really like this app and had been using it for years. I also like that it can keep a backup by syncing to Google Drive. Unfortunately I discovered a major bug after my last update. I used to be able to search either all notes or search by category. Now I can only search all notes! The category button no longer works. That means I can't narrow it down so I get hundreds of hits in my search results instead of just one if it searched by category. Major bug, please fix it!

I want this to be my preferred note app


Original review: Very handy. I used Apple's app for quite a while but I really needed password protection for some notes (this one does it by category) and I needed categories. This one also syncs with Google documents and I appreciate having that backup option. The user interface could use a little refinement. The icon that includes an option to delete is not used for that purpose in other apps. The home page isn't very pretty. And I wish that if my iTouch turned off while I had a protected note up, that that note would still be up when I turned it back on. Instead I have to select the category, enter the password, and select the note -- and I am usually referring to it over a few minutes. Update: I love this app and use it a lot. But Google has flagged it as from an unverified developer, and it does seem to have access to more Google resources (more than Drive) than it should need. Google won’t let me sync from a new device. The website’s support form does not work. I’m wondering if the developer plans to continue supporting the product.

Needs additions


I like the app. I found this one after my previous one would not work with newest IOS update. To make information in Notes more readable I would like the ability to be able to select words/phrases and make them bold/underlined/italic and to add color to words/phrases. This helps information be differentiated and stand out for easier recognition. And I’d be willing to pay for that upgrade. DNC in ATL

Can’t sync to Google


I searched the FAQs, the web, google support and checked and changed settings on my IPhone but can’t get the app to Sync. I also tried to submit a support email through the app but submitting requires a code but no explanation of what this code is so I can’t submit. Support is lacking.

Great program


I love this program. Like the fact that I can take pictures and then take notes with the picture. Love love the fact that I can back the program data. Easy to use.

Was better


I have been using this purchased app for years. It has changed some for the better but some things have broken. Search do not work now. This makes the app for me totally useless. Search never worked for secured note files (password protected). Creator promised years ago to fix this part on next update. Never happened. I would look for something else. I am.