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NoteMaster is paid iOS app published by Kabuki Vision, LLC

Love it!


Easy to use and while it does not have many bells and whistles, it’s concept and usability is so good that it works great for me. I have tried many other apps but this one just hits the spot!

Support not as good as before


Very good app Id love it even more if the syncing was faster from cell to desktop as say simplenote is but you just have to remem to let app have a little time to sync w desktop.

Best notes app ever


Has every feature you can want, implemented in a beautiful and easy way.



NoteMaster has done s very excellent job for me.

One of the 5 best "Notes" apps


I have been using this app for many years & now am using it on a iPhone 8+ as one of my favorite writing apps. As advertised. Would still like highlighting & formatting selected text only (instead of changing all text). Can use "open in" to open as a .docx file in another App for more advanced formatting, if needed, but I still need an option to save as a Pdf file as well and/or ”Open in” all other applicable apps (Shares only to email). Would like audio in the text.

the best note app for me


I tried a few notes app - Evernote, notability, google keep, and no one can be comparable to master note. Sorry that other people didn't noticed . The best design ever. Most note apps has white pages now for notes what is not convenience to read or even note. Smart person who made master note app - allow to change colors for pages. Beside of that very well and understandable organized folders. Plus lock for folders. Only what might be very helpful if this app can be made for Macs, thats probably why other apps more popular that people can use it from Macs or Pcs Anyway many thanks to developer

Almost Perfect


Please add iCloud sync. I have about 50 similar note taking, writing, diary, reminder, journal, etc apps on my Apple devices (iPhones, 1 iPad, 1 Apple Watch, and 1 iMac), and this is my FAVORITE app for taking and organizing notes. I’ve had it for years, but eventually give up on it because of the syncing issue. I am going to try it again for probably the fifth time over 4 years. Maybe technology itself has improved the apps’ usefulness — Fingers crossed, please add iOS sync.

Works great

Rick zyx

NoteMaster works great. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to have multiple subfolders, sub-subfolders and etc which would be great for organizing things.

Love it But

category help

Great Note App but there needs to be an option to alphabetize the Categories.

Needs to use fingerprint scanning


Add fingerprint reading to open locked notes would convert this 4 star rating to a 5 star.