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NoteMaster is paid iOS app published by Kabuki Vision, LLC

One suggestion


I love this app. I love how it can be synced to dropbox or Google drive. I would like to be able to swipe between notes without having to press the back button and going to the next one. I'm using the app as a notebook with all related pages, rather than a bunch of unrelated notes. So it would be very useful to swipe back and forth to "turn the page" so to speak.

Good app but not quite there yet


This is a pretty cool app and it fills a void in my workflow. I love the way I can change the page font, font size, and background so easily, the only reason I'm not giving NoteMaster a 5 star rating is because its categories are limited to one level.

Gr8 App


Just what I was looking for.

One of my top 10 apps


I've been using this app for years and love it. It works really well. The one thing I wish it would do is a one-way sync to Evernote.

Great app with one exception

To do soon please!

I love this app. It keeps me organized, it has beneficial functions and is easy to use. However the app has one MAJOR flaw. The NoteMaster app is not available to put on the Mac computer. I do much of my work on the computer. This makes the app extremely inconvenient. Please, create the app for the computer.



I have tried most of the note apps available. This one is the best combination of capability and ease-of-use you can do just about anything.



I love this app I used it everyday for work and personal.

Almost perfect !

Boopinator <3

I love the app. What I like is that I get to choose my own paper settings for the notes. For example my favorite is the spiral notebook. Gives it a very classy design. Very nice & clean & helpful to keep myself organized. I use this for organizing songs I like, copying lyrics down, to document places I'd like to travel, and so on. Some suggestions though. When you're away from the app for sometime, and you open it back up, it had to restart the app and load everything back and it's annoying. I'd like to be able to come back to my notes and come to the last page I was on. Another thing is it would be helpful if there were some function that allowed not just bold but maybe some underlining too. And when you insert a pic, it would be nice if you could just select multiple pictures so that it is a faster process. Because instead I have to click insert pic>choose pic>select pic>and then insert it. Too much clicks. It would be better if you could just click insert pic>select pic>insert pic. UPDATE: so another complaint. I would LOVE if you fixed the whole thing with adding bullet points. Like if I want to go back to as a bullet point, and insert a picture within a list, it won't let me so I have to go to the top of the list and start from scratch. I'd love to be able to skip a line and it have a bullet point. Because sometimes I just want that space but I can't because there's a bullet there. PLEASE fix these issues

Great Alternative, Almost There


I love this app in comparison to the regular notes on The iPhone As I can categorize things which is so much better than the sticky note system, but I use both regularly. I just think it would be super helpful if we could just underline, italicize, and bold the words. There's plenty of folder organization, you can add lists and headings too, but even the normal notes app lets you distinguish some words, letting me create headings, subtitles and more. Just a few basic features like that would allow many more degrees of flexibility. It would be great if you could consider that. Thanks.

The best

barney copter

Without question the very best simple writing app for iOS, and I've tried everything over the years. It's elegant, easy, and very flexible. I use it as my calendar, to-do lists, organizer, student grade reports, contact sheets, slideshow presentations — it takes the place of a lot of other apps and gives me nearly everything I need in one place. Syncs seamlessly, and the developer is extremely responsive and helpful with rare glitches that pop up.