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NoteMaster is paid iOS app published by Kabuki Vision, LLC

Update Works!


I have used this app for several years and loved it. When it recently started crashing on startup, I was disturbed. The developers quickly responded to this situation & fixed it. Now works across my iOS devices. Thank you!

Thank you!!!

E Stepp

Thank you all for fixing this app so quickly. A major tool to keep me organized and was lost when it started crashing!! Really do love it.

New update CRASHES


PROBLEM FIXED VERY PROMPTLY!!! THANK YOU! Crashes every time I open the app, same problem on iPad!!!!

Meets all my note needs!


NoteMaster is easy to use, and I sync it with Google Drive.

Great app! Deserves 5 Stars!!


I've used NoteMaster for several years and have found the app to be reliable and the developer to be quickly responsive to any glitches that have occurred. The user interface us easy to understand, flexible for most of my needs, has enough features to make it one of the best apps in its category. The one feature missing is the ability to make a file 'read only.' Perhaps it is only my clumsiness, but when scrolling through a file it keeps going into edit mode, which is annoying. Changing font styles and sizes is easy. Changing backgrounds is quite simple. Automatically syncing with Google Drive occurs seamlessly, assuring you that your work is "immediately" available for other devices. Highly recommend this app.

Very reliable


I use this daily, sync'd to my google account. To-do lists, measurements, recipes, etc., I always have them with me. I share certain notes w my wife as a grocery list. Just jot down whatever runs out, and whomever goes to the store next knows to get it. Works great across all my apple devices.

Still My Fav!


I purchased this app when it was first released along with a few others, and it's still my favorite. I've used others but always come back. I just wish it could sync directly through iCloud.

Great app!


Very useful!!!!

Top Rate App


Excellent app, performs wonderfully. Initially I had difficulty syncing with Dropbox due to the older version of IOS on my cellphone, but I contacted the provider. I received an immediate response that an update fixing the problem had been created and submitted to Apple. As quickly as Apple approved it, the update fixed the syncing problem on my cellphone and I am up and running. I'm grateful for the prompt and effective service! The NoteMaster App is syncing notes and folders beautifully. I couldn't be more satisfied!

Great app!


I like it better than any of the other notebook apps, including Awesome Note. This one syncs to Google Docs, if I want, so I can access the documents from other computers.